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there's no justice everywhere? is it for real?

hi doing nothing just browsing then I came into this site these people are talking about the existence of aliens and they came into conclusion that the alien are real? but the weirdest thing is ...... these people you won't believe that these kind of...
by psychicramta on Mar 14, 2012

Primer unboxing del Nuevo iPad (ya comienzan a llegar)

No es que aporte mucho, pero ya podemos ver el Nuevo iPad en acción y quizás lo que más sorprende es ver la rapidez con la que mueve todo el nuevo procesador A5X, por lo demás el tradicional desembalaje de un producto de Apple.Fuente: E...
by ! Mac Sparrow on Mar 13, 2012

Se confirma el procesador a 1Ghz y 1 Gb de memoria RAM en el Nuevo iPad

Estaba claro que los dueños del Nuevo iPad que os mostrábamos en la entrada anterior, y más teniendo un blog, iban a realizar todo tipo de pruebas con el y la primera ha sido realizarle un test para ver su capacidad de proceso y solventar la gran...
by ! Mac Sparrow on Mar 13, 2012

No Complaints, Just DealFun.

When the impending release of the iPad 3 (or the new iPad, as some would prefer to call it) broke out in the news and on the web, I knew my husband would get all-hyped up about it. Which was exactly the case this morning, while we were talking via Sk...
by The Rebel Sweetheart on Mar 13, 2012

#M-Edge #Accessories #Review #iPad2, #iPad3 is here!

Well, the iPad3 comes out this Friday!! Crazy, right? I am a little bummed because I only got my iPad2 several weeks ago. *Sigh* But my iPad2 still gorgeous. Either way, whether you have an iPad2 or are looking to get the iPad3 and want some sweet iP...
by Whirlwind of Surprises on Mar 12, 2012

The new iPad puts the camera back in focus: 5 MP sensor, AF lens, 1080p video

Tired of taking average shots with that 1280×720 non-AF camera module in your iPad 2? Well rejoice! The new iPad packs a five megapixel backside-illuminated sensor, five-element f/2.4 autofocus lens with IR filter and captures video at 1080p ...
by 2dayBlog on Mar 12, 2012

Siri sort-of comes to the new iPad, does voice dictation only

Ever since Siri showed up on the iPhone 4S, she’s been put to work in a variety of non-Apple approved ways and unofficially ported to other iDevices, including the iPad. Now Apple’s next-gen iPad has made its auspicious debut in San Franc...
by 2dayBlog on Mar 12, 2012

Apple reveals next-generation apps for the new iPad: Infinity Blade: Dungeons, SketchBook, SkyGamblers

While Apple’s ensured all of its home-baked apps are making the most of the new iPad’s retina display and new A5X chipset, it also had a handful of third-party app developers ready to show what the new hardware’s capable. First up w...
by 2dayBlog on Mar 12, 2012

Apple introduces iPhoto for iPad, updates Garage Band, iMovie and iWork

Apple’s busy introducing a whole bunch of new apps to go along with its shiny new iPad, and iPhoto is near the top of the list. The “reinvention” of the iconic photo software will be available today for $4.99, and offers a plethora...
by 2dayBlog on Mar 12, 2012

but my blood is pure isn't it? it's not my fault don't judge me pls

hhi wazzup? still the same reading it's my fav hobby. the weirdest thing is I'm using my iPhone browsing the net I wanna read something that is out of this world true story scary and bizaare the link will tell you something it's weird it's a bloodli...
by psychicramta on Mar 11, 2012

Free and Legal Places to Get iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 Movies

                                                            by Bellu Su The iPad's big screen and l...

How to rip DVD film and convert video to iPad/iPad 2/iPad 3 video

                                                            by Hysapple With the multimedia capabil...

iPhone 5 & iPad 3: What individuals Are Expecting?


Apple May Be Losing Profit for New iPad Pricing

Apple may be taking less profit on the 3rd generation iPad to keep the retail price low and attractive.
by friday coming soon on Mar 10, 2012

New iPads Sold Out, Now Shipping March 19th

Apple's new iPad has been selling so fast that the initial launch supply is already sold out. Shipping is being moved back for new orders.
by friday coming soon on Mar 10, 2012

The New iPad : Third Generation, Retina Display, 5 MP Camera, 4G LTE

Apple has unveiled the successor of the iPad2, the iPad. Yes, just iPad! It seems that even Apple refused to call it iPad3 in their press conference in San Francisco last Wednesday with the company’s senior vice-president of worldwide marketing, Ph...
by TechTack on Mar 10, 2012

"Infinity Blade: Dungeons" Convirtiendo el Nuevo iPad en toda una consola

Ayer durante la presentación del Nuevo iPad la desarrolladora EPIC fue la encargada de mostrar la potencia gráfica del nuevo dispositivo y hoy ya podemos ver en que consistió.Pulsar play, aumentar la resolución del vídeo a 720 HD, buscar un pañ...
by ! Mac Sparrow on Mar 8, 2012

iPad 3 “mai puternic ca PS3 sau Xbox 360″

Apple a avut o conferinta de presa in San Francisco unde a fost anuntat ca va lansa un nou model de iPad denumit si iPad 3 sau iPad HD.Lansarea va avea loc pe data de 16 martie. Acest model de iPad va avea un ecran de 9.7 inch , Adica va avea aceeasi...
by Life With Cenu on Mar 8, 2012

Why I Still Not Buying New iPad

new iPad is finally announced by Apple. So what is the big deal?1. new iPad display has 2x of the resolution, and it is retina display, same like iPhone4/4S2. new iPad is 4G, via LTE3. new iPad has Bluetooth 4.0 [for lower power maybe?]4. new iPad no...
by Outdated Penang Uncle on Mar 8, 2012


The direction for iPad 3 or iPad HD released is too drastic.  In the end they could only change the specs and upgrade the processor from A5 to A5X while maintaining full Retina display.  Also add in or maintained the Siri function (can't be...
by Satok CyWarrior on Mar 7, 2012

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