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a positive prayer: valley of vision continues

How to remain positive when all the surrounding forecasts are negative? When prophet Isaiah prophesied this prayer nothing yet had come to pass. He had spoken and prophesied groom and … Continue reading →...

The 100 S3E16 'Perverse Instantiation - Part Two' Trailer

In the season's epic and mind-bending conclusion, our heroes begin to face the reality of their tragic situation. Everyone prepares for a final showdown.
by Box Office Buz on May 15, 2016

The 100 S3E15 'Perverse Instantiation - Part One' Trailer

Clarke finds hope in the most unlikely place. Meanwhile, Alie’s master plan comes together.
by Box Office Buz on May 6, 2016


“Only barbarians are not curious about where they come from, how they came to be where they are, where they appear to be going, whether they wish to go there, and if so, why, and if not, why not.”- Isaiah Berlin...
by Running 'Cause I Can't Fly on May 2, 2016

Dead Letter Circus The Burning Number

Dead Letter Circus - The Burning NumberI made this whole post below and then realised that I had already added this song months ago. I didn't know about the scripture then though. I guess now after a few more listens it can finally be added to Music...

Attributes of God: The Righteous God

[Rigidly] righteous are You, O Lord, and upright are Your judgments and all expressions of Your will Psalm 119:137 AMP God is the standard of what is right and true. He is morally right, just and free from guilt and sin. He not only made the Law, se...
by Searching the Scriptures on Apr 25, 2016

The 100 S3E13 'Join or Die' Trailer

Clarke is on a mission that could change everything. Meanwhile, Murphy gains insight that might prove useful in ensuring his survival. Lastly, Kane reaches a breaking point.
by Box Office Buz on Apr 22, 2016

The 100 S3E12 'Demons' Trailer

Clarke is on a mission that could change everything. Meanwhile, Murphy gains insight that might prove useful in ensuring his survival. Lastly, Kane reaches a breaking point.
by Box Office Buz on Apr 16, 2016

Shadowhunters S1E02 'The Group Discusses The Silent Brothers' Clip

With the knowledge that Valentine is alive and on the hunt for The Mortal Cup, the Institute is on high alert. Not wasting any time, Jace jumps into action and figures Clary’s memories are the key to finding Jocelyn and The Mortal Cup. Unfortun...
by Box Office Buz on Apr 14, 2016

What Have We Forgotten About Worship? Isaiah 12:5

God Loves YouWorship may be one of the most important things we do, yet we do not realize how much is implied in the simple act, or how many truths we are expressing. Could it be that worship is the very point of it all?"Sing to the LORD, for he has...


  I don’t know how you look when you wake up in the mornings. Thank goodness you don’t know how I look either. From the mound of 4 inch tall hair that somehow formed on… Continue Reading… The post PRINCESS EYES appeared first...
by Let There Be Pets on Apr 11, 2016

Attributes of God: The Sovereign God

A while ago a reader sent in a question through my Facebook Page. In reading it I realized that it concerned the Sovereignty of God. So instead of a regular post today, I am featuring her question as part of the Attributes of God series. Recently, I...
by Searching the Scriptures on Apr 11, 2016

The 100 S3E11 'Nevermore' Trailer

Alie forces Raven’s dark side to come out, and Jasper’s anger continues to grow. Meanwhile, Octavia wrestles with her place in the world, and Monty is forced to make a split second decision.
by Box Office Buz on Apr 8, 2016

Attributes of God: The Incomprehensible God

Now this is eternal life: that they may know You, the only true[supreme and sovereign] God, John 17:3 I think one of the greatest desires of a Christians heart—or, at least, my own—is to know and be known by God. This is more than knowing about G...
by Searching the Scriptures on Apr 6, 2016

The 100 S3E10 'The Fallen' Trailer

Jaha employs a terrifying new method to convince Abby to join his cause, Kane is on a mission, and Bellamy is hit with a hard truth. Meanwhile, Monty finds himself in a precarious situation, and Jasper rushes to save one of his own.
by Box Office Buz on Apr 2, 2016

Shadowhunters S1E13 'Morning Star' Trailer

Jace, who is still reeling from everything that has happened, makes hunting down Valentine his number one priority even though he continues to wrestle with his conflicted feelings. In hopes of finding a way to stop Valentine before it is too late, Cl...
by Box Office Buz on Mar 31, 2016

Apply the Word Study Bible (NKJV)

This is a hardback study Bible. It starts out with a Table of Contents, listing all the Books in the Bible along with the page numbers. The Publishers include a Foreward about this particular Bible and what it is meant to mean in the reader's life. T...
by LifeLoveTruth on Mar 6, 2016

The 100 S3E08 'Terms and Conditions' Trailer

Kane is searching for a peaceful way to handle things but soon realizes he may be forced to resort to drastic measures. Meanwhile, Pike suspects that there may be a leak within the walls of Arkadia. Lastly, Raven has a plan and reaches out to Jasper...
by Box Office Buz on Mar 4, 2016

Does God Create Evil?

If you were to read Isaiah 45:7 in the KJV, you would think God creates evil: “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.” Clearly here, God says … Continue reading →...
by How to be saved on Mar 3, 2016

Shadowhunters S1E09 'Rise Up' Trailer

After the attack, the Institute and The Clave are on high alert and taking no prisoners to get answers. When Lydia makes a harsh call on the Seelies, Jace, Clary and Isabelle fear that this decision could be disastrous and the wrong way to defeat Val...
by Box Office Buz on Mar 3, 2016

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