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Marz whines about the entrance of Trump to the Oval Office

Here's some recent tweets Marz wrote about North Carolina and his claim we'll "miss" Obama after he departs from office. First, when the AP Wire says that the outgoing governor of NC signed a law stripping power for successive politicians i...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Dec 19, 2016

The UN just caved to the SJWs who hated WW

Little more than 2 months after the UN chose Wonder Woman as a mascot for their program to inspire women, they've rejected the superheroine for the sake of the ungrateful SJWs who hate gorgeous women in positions of power: The United Nations is the l...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Dec 16, 2016

Brad Meltzer stands against Donald Trump

The writer of Identity Crisis, along with an awfully crude story in the Buffy comics, gave some strong hints whom he voted for in this election, if he even voted at all, in a Hollywood Reporter article where he demanded the president-elect stand agai...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Dec 10, 2016

Slott predictably returns to Twitter, and continues his mindless babble

Just as should've been expected, Slott's reversed the cancellation of his Twitter account, and is back to being the ultra-leftist he's remained in perpetuity. Some of his dreary drivel includes the following: People who believe that today's comic boo...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Dec 7, 2016

A fawning interview with G. Willow Wilson in Comics Bulletin

Comics Bulletin ran a sugar-drenched interview with G. Willow Wilson by a fellow Islamist, which pushes the narrative that Islamists in the USA are scared after the election of Donald Trump. It begins with the following: I conducted this interview a...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Dec 5, 2016

The Muslim Green Lantern was being kept in Gitmo

It may not have been made clear 5 years ago, when Geoff Johns first set up his propaganda angle in GL, but now, it's been confirmed in one of their post Rebirth issues that Simon Baz was being kept in Guantanamo Bay when he was arrested, as seen in t...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Aug 5, 2016

That's who Marz thinks is worth supporting on the Democrat side

Boy, these past several days have seen the awful Ron Marz lose his mind over politics again. What does he say as an excuse to lash out at Donald Trump? Well, there's this, for example: Even more satisfying than seeing Trump destroyed by a Muslim man?
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Aug 4, 2016

The PC propaganda that may still be within DC's output

Since we were on the topic of Islamic propaganda being pushed by Marvel, here's also some news about what DC's been pushing. Arcamax was publishing some sugary articles about what's come up with Rebirth, and it's in the second of these where it's con...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jul 25, 2016

The Muslim Ms. Marvel is being pushed into animation

I'd once heard the claim Marvel's movie/TV division was supposedly independent of what goes on in the comics company. But this news suggests that's a rather farfetched claim, as now, some of the PC diversity tactics already seen in Marvel's recent ou...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jul 24, 2016

Another mistake made by Marz

On the week when France suffered another terrorist attack in Nice, Ron Marz wrote a pretty ill-advised comment that sounds like he doesn't want any justice done. First, he said: Madness in Nice. Ugh ... this world.— Ron Marz (@ronmarz) July 14, 201...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jul 17, 2016

Canadian columnist admits new characters would serve diversity better

A writer at the Moose Jaw Times Herald in Saskatchewan addressed mainstream PC's influence on established heroes and co-stars, and how it's led to replacing the original white heroes with "diverse" ones in the original roles and costumes. A...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jul 13, 2016

CNBC's ambiguous on whether PC diversity's helping Marvel

CNBC just asked - but didn't exactly answer - whether Marvel's overbearing diversity tactics are helping sales-wise. But they're predictably vague: Marvel's introduction of Riri Williams, a 15-year-old black girl set to wear the mantle of Iron Man,...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jul 11, 2016

What some writers have to say about Brexit

Soon after Britain voted to leave the European Union, corrupt outfit that they are who've only undermined the continent, some comics writers/artists have decided to make rather predictable left-wing comments about the country's vote. Here, from Bleed...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jun 28, 2016

Why did Jessica Plummer resort to moral equivalence and Republican-bashing?

Comics critic Plummer's opinion on Nick Spencer's inside-out retcon of Steve Rogers was mentioned in some news sources. Having read it in full, certainly there's plenty of vital points she's made. But the following highlighted parts are what turned t...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jun 14, 2016

How are writers responding to the mass jihad attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando?

There was a horrific attack by a Muslim security guard at a gay nightclub in Orlando this week that left 50 dead (H/T: Michelle Malkin). The culprit's father, it turns out, is a Taliban supporter. Naturally, one can only wonder how some would-be writ...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jun 13, 2016

Why Forbes is wrong to serve as apologist for Nick Spencer's take on Steve Rogers

Forbes movie writer Mark Hughes may have written some commentaries in the past I could agree with, or even respectably disagree with. But with this recent essay of his, where he claims Captain America fans are wrong about Spencer and Brevoort's retco...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jun 4, 2016

2 items about Captain America: Civil War's directors

First, here's something interesting about the screenplay development from NY's Vulture section: In the epilogue of the comics arc Civil War (Captain America, issue No. 25), Captain America is assassinated. Following the schism between the superheroe...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on May 17, 2016

CBC's bothered about lack of diversity in Marvel movies

Leave it to the CBC to whine about lack of oh-so precious "diversity" in Marvel's movies. They list a few of the comics that are pandering to SJWs in that regard. But what's really galling is when they arrive at the subject of the Muslim Ms...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on May 12, 2016

They like Eisner despite his last graphic novel and opposition to communism?

Here's two tweets by a pair of radical moonbats paying respects to Will Eisner, of all people, even though his politics didn't exactly coincide with theirs, certainly not by the end of his career: Wrote the book. Literally.
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Apr 19, 2016

What a few writers are saying about today's suicide bombing in Belgium

There was a suicide jihad attack in Brussels today, just a few days after one of the Paris bloodbath masterminds was arrested in the Molenbeek district. And how do some comics writers react? Dan Slott, for one, is not going about this the right way.
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Mar 22, 2016

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