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-Christmas Jihad in Europe?

Muslims demand that we respect and recognize their religious holidays. Meanwhile in Europe some radical Muslim refugees are demonstrating their intolerance towards Christians celebrating Christmas. In the midst of it all, ‘post-Christian’ Europea...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Dec 20, 2016

-Ayatollah Khamenei: Not Clear The Holocaust Was a Reality?

(Ayatollah Khamenei: Wikipedia) The Supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei reaffirmed his doubts about the Holocaust while the rest of the world paused to remember the slaughter of millions and the stories of the survivors. Here’s the story fro...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Jan 29, 2016

-Iranian President Defends Charlie Hebdo Attacks?

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is making the rounds in Europe this week trying to drum up business for his country. Before going to Paris he made the following reference which seemed to justify the Charlie Hebdo attacks and killings last year in Fr...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Jan 28, 2016

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