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-Christmas Jihad in Europe?

Muslims demand that we respect and recognize their religious holidays. Meanwhile in Europe some radical Muslim refugees are demonstrating their intolerance towards Christians celebrating Christmas. In the midst of it all, ‘post-Christian’ Europea...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Dec 20, 2016

-Office Christmas Party Caused San Bernardino Terrorism?

                       (San Bernardino: Wikipedia) One year ago 14 people were killed and 22 others were injured in San Bernardino CA. The p...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Dec 3, 2016

Quran’s Lesson - Surah Hud 11, Verse 83, Part 12

Quran’s Lesson - Surah Hud 11, Verse 83, Part 12مُسَوَّمَةً عِنْدَ رَبِّكَ ۖ وَمَا هِيَ مِنَ الظَّالِمِينَ بِبَعِيدٍMarked from your Lord, and they are not ever far from the Zalimun (polyt...
by I Love Islam on Aug 13, 2016

Quran’s Lesson - Surah Hud 11, Verse 74-75, Part 12

by I Love Islam on Aug 3, 2016

A Christian Duty in the Face of Terror

by SUNLIT UPLANDS on Jul 27, 2016

DAILY DUA Dua from the Qur'an #13

DAILY DUADua from the Qur'an #13لَّا إِلَهَ إِلَّا أَنتَ سُبْحَانَكَ إِنِّي كُنتُ مِنَ الظَّالِمِينَTranslation“There is no deity worthy of worship but You, glory to be to You, Indeed, I h...
by I Love Islam on Jul 26, 2016

-France: ISIS Inspired Muslims ‘Behead’ Priest During Morning Mass

Two knife wielding ISIS inspired Muslims attacked a church in Normandy, France during morning Mass and slit the throat of the priest and held the attendees hostage. Here’s the story from UK Daily Mail: A priest has been ‘beheaded’ by tw...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Jul 26, 2016

-Reacting to Those Who Are Blaming Christians for Orlando?

   (Eric Metaxas: Image source) Here’s a good article by Eric Metaxas: “Blaming Christians for Orlando? “ Well worth taking the time to read particularly the conclusion. See the rest on my Apologetica page.   Here’s a link...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Jun 24, 2016

-Question: “Did Islam Play a Role in Orlando Terror Attack?” -Some Interesting Responses

Considering that the terrorist himself named Allah, Islam’s prophet, and ISIS in his tirade while he killed 49 people one would naturally expect folks to understand that Islam had some kind of role to play in the Orlando attack. However, when Filmm...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Jun 21, 2016

-Obama Administration’s ‘Edited’ Orlando Tape Controversy

The Obama administration continues with its narrative that Islam has nothing at all to do with radical terrorist events like Orlando, it’s all about guns. In keeping with that view the Justice Department published a highly edited transcript between...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Jun 21, 2016

-‘Right Wing’ Extremists a Larger Threat to U.S. Than Radical Islamists? Not Anymore!

Last year in June (2015) a popular study by the New America Foundation was touted by the main stream media as proving that domestic “right-wing extremists” and “white supremacists” were a larger threat to the U.S. than radical Islamists. The...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Jun 14, 2016

Muslim Vs Hindu Atrocities, Faces of Death.

Documenting Reality - 58 Hindus, most of them returning from Ayodhya, were killed and 43 injured when Muslims attacked the Sabarmati Express and set afire four of its coaches at Godhra railway station in Gujarat on February 27th, 2002The other images...
by The Middle East Conflict on May 26, 2016

Islamic Preacher Musa Cerantonio Among Five Arrested Over Alleged Plan to Join Islamic State

Musa Cerantonio was allegedly trying to take a boat to Indonesia from Queensland.Notorious Islamic preacher Musa Cerantonio is among five men arrested in far north Queensland over an alleged plan to take a boat to Indonesia and join the Islamic Sta...
by SUNLIT UPLANDS on May 11, 2016

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Declares Worldwide ‘Holy War’ on Terrorism

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, foreground, addresses the 2nd Moscow Cadet Parade dedicated to the 71st anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War and the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Moscow. © Iliya Pitalev / SputnikFrom...
by SUNLIT UPLANDS on May 9, 2016

-White House Censors French President’s Reference to ‘Islamist Terrorism’

President Obama and his administration has an on-going policy of  never connecting or referencing Islam in any way when it comes to terrorism. Sometimes this has reached a ridiculous level when they refuse to even acknowledge what the terrorists...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Apr 1, 2016

-Government Research: No Clue Why Folks Become Terrorists?

?s $Economic? Cultural? Socio/Psycho? Education?  The Obama administration has spent millions on research trying to determine why folks become terrorists. All sorts of cultural and economic reasons along with sociological and psychological factors h...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Mar 30, 2016

-Pakistan: Islamic Radicals Kill 70 Christians Celebrating Easter in Park

Islamic radicals in Pakistan targeted and killed over 70 Christians and injured more than 300, mostly women and children, who were celebrating Easter in a park. From The Christian Post: At least 70 people, mostly Christians and children, have been ki...
by ANSWERS For The Faith on Mar 28, 2016

Father Rutler: Purging the Truth from Language

The fine Latinity of Laetare Sunday means to be joyful, and as the mother of civilization, the Holy Church encourages her children to keep pressing on toward the Easter prize. Just as Eskimos and Arabs have many words for snow and sand, the ample res...
by SUNLIT UPLANDS on Mar 6, 2016

Islam is no Peaceful Religion

 Former Republican President George W. Bush stated less than three weeks after America was attacked in 2001 that “The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam.  That's not what Islam is all about.  Islam is peace.”&n...

-San Bernardino: CNN Reporter Infers Christian Incited the Violence by Sharing His Faith?

by ANSWERS For The Faith on Dec 5, 2015

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