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Cherish the competitive edge

Remember the cavalier way of implementing a solution back in the good old days. In some manner, a request was approved for a new system. Instead of looking out for a canned commercial solution, there would be a meeting a...
by Anticlue on Oct 15, 2011

The art of Lean Healthcare IT - Understanding the 5 key lean principles

The main guiding principle to Lean Healthcare IT is to create the right value for our patients, colleagues, community, and physicians with minimum effort. Simply to work smarter, not harder and with a value driven sense of purpose. Everyone should...
by Anticlue on Nov 20, 2009

The Art of Lean Healthcare IT - Talking the lean jargon

As with everything its good to establish common terminology, this is especially true when thinking in lean terms. Lean has been in manufacturing ever since the 1950s commonly know as the Toyota Manufacturing Process. Let's start out our understanding...
by Anticlue on Nov 14, 2009

The 3 Levels of IT leadership based upon organizational sophistication

I'm sure you have heard the tale of the entrepreneur starting out the small shop, doing it all making a boat load of cash. Then when the organizational bureaucracy weighs down on the entrepreneurs soul, he goes off to another...
by Anticlue on Sep 17, 2009

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