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Today in Jake Watch History

As things grind to a halt around here, what with my focus being on things other than Jake and everyone else's focus also being on things other than Jake, I wanted to share some of the posts that made Jake Watch (the blog that preceded this one and th...
by I'm Stalking Jake! on Oct 7, 2011

Because There's a Rumor About Jake and Running...

Jake Gyllenhaal:  Skilled RunnerYour fearless leader, who has been up since 4:45 this morning, watched the sun come up about halfway through her 6.5 mile half-marathon training run.  (I do this to myself every year, because I'm a masochist.
by I'm Stalking Jake! on Aug 21, 2010

Whose Idea Was This Then?

What intrepid photographer, graced with the opportunity to lay to film one of the more photogenic members of the human race, decided to stuff him into a white suit, slick his hair back, and make him look like a Jersey Shore reject, except creepier?HO...
by I'm Stalking Jake! on Aug 12, 2010

Back Away From My Man!

What.  Is.  This.Um, excuse me, blonde flight-attendant-looking lady with the grabby hands and the wandering lips.  I realize that trying to get a good whiff in while Jake walks by is a primal urge that all who have been in his presenc...
by I'm Stalking Jake! on Aug 4, 2010


Usually we jump straight to the main event, BUT NOT TODAY.  Today we take it just a little slower.  Jake knows we know he's got some sock for us, but he's taking his time, not giving it all up in the first picture... Or even the second...An...
by I'm Stalking Jake! on Aug 1, 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal: Proud Patriot

Here in the United States, we have many traditions.  We put our right hand over our hearts when we say the Pledge of Allegiance (see above).  We speak in loud, abrasive voices when traveling overseas (guilty as charged).  And every 4th...
by I'm Stalking Jake! on Jul 3, 2010

That Time I Met Jake

Since I've started this blog, the most frequently asked question I've gotten - by far - is if I've met Jake Gyllenhaal.  And the honest answer to that question is YES.I know that for many, this Jake business is very new, and so is this blog.&nbs...
by I'm Stalking Jake! on Jun 26, 2010

Agent Wins Merit Badge for Exceptional Sock Research

ISJ's very own randomhero2006 has gone above and beyond the call of duty and made the rest of you look like lazy slackers.  After conducting extensive research of Jake's ankle region, she has concluded, with 100% accuracy and certainty, that Jak...
by I'm Stalking Jake! on May 20, 2010

Jake Watch Classic: A Gyllenhaal Masterclass

How to Make People Who Are Usually Attractive Look Less Attractive......Merely By Standing Next To Them.I am Jake Gyllenhaal, and I feel sorry for tiny Tom Cruise for having to be photographed with me.  Oh wait, you don't see Tom Cruise in this...
by I'm Stalking Jake! on May 18, 2010

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