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CLC - No Oh Oh who-is-who


CLC: Like MV από το 2ο mini album Question

CLC (씨엘씨) released today their second Music Video from their second mini album (Question).The five girls debuted this March with Pepe, and all of them were G.NA's backup dancers in G.NA's Secret/Pretty Underwear MV.The song Like (궁금해 ) is...

CLC: Teaser φωτογραφίες για το 2ο mini album (Question)

CLC (씨엘씨) are ready to have a comeback 2 months after their debut with Pepe.The CUBE group after Pepe released another single titled Eighteen, which didn't have a Music Video.The second Mini Album will be titled Question and it's release date i...

CLC: Ντεμπούτο με το Pepe για το νέο girl group της Cube

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