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3/3 Doll Festival / Gril's Festival / Hinamatsuri ひな祭り

by Sing Japanese on Mar 23, 2013

New year's eve "Oomisaka" おおみそか

Japanese Lesson in December.大晦日/おおみそか1.大晦日に 何をしますか。/おおみそかに なにを しますか。(oomisoka ni nani o shimasuka)What will you do on new year's eve?2.お寺に行きます。/おてらに い...
by Sing Japanese on Dec 12, 2012

Cheap Japanese (Nihongo) Lessons in Fukuoka

Formal nihongo lessons can be very expensive, costing up to ¥3000 per hour for a two month course.  While it may be a worthwhile investment it is important to learn about the alternatives available in Fukuoka.  Not too many people know that there...
by Fukuoka Dreaming on Sep 6, 2009

Nihongo: Japanese Textbook, Video & Audio Lessons

Moreover, going to a Japanese school would cost you much more! Taking a class just one time would cost you at least US$195 as an enrollment fee, plus travel, and the time away from your work or your family - certainly several hundred dollars or more.
by eBookReaders - City of eBooks on Jan 10, 2009

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