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iTunes, Sing Japanese Volume 2

"Sing Japanese ,Volume 2" by Edamame Music Factory ニューアルバムがリリースされました。日本語の歌です。にほんブログ村FacebookTwitterThe...
by Sing Japanese on Nov 15, 2014

New Japanese Songs are on sales 日本語の歌ニューアルバム

Sing Japanese 2"Sing Japanese ,Volume 2" by Edamame Music Factory.ニューアルバムがリリースされました。日本語の歌です。にほんブログ村FacebookTwitter...
by Sing Japanese on Nov 13, 2014

Youtube video "Goo Chokie Pa""

Japanese song: "Goo Chokie Pa" by Edamame Music FactoryWatch Youtube video, Goo Chokie Pa...
by Sing Japanese on Sep 23, 2012

Q Indivi Shiho Fujisawa Love You MP3

Q Indivi Shiho Fujisawa Love You...
by Lirik Lagu Video on Aug 15, 2011

Weekly Babble, Volume Two

(published a day early because I have to work tomorrow!) Songs I’ve Had on Repeat This Week “赤毛のケリー” by Thee Michelle Gun Elephant “Gothic Circus” by SADS “Kiss Me” by YUI “Please Stay With...
by Sakurayume on Jul 15, 2010

Fifteen Power-Packed Japanese Songs

I know that last night on Twitter, I said this would be the top ten most powerful Japanese songs. I changed it to the top fifteen! This is to keep my list from looking like a big mass of anime/GACKT songs. Just kidding. (Or am I?) I define a powerful...
by Sakurayume on Jul 12, 2010

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