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Command design Pattern in Java with Example

In simple words, Command design pattern is used to separate a request for an action from the object which actually performs the action. This decoupling between Invoker and Receiver object provides a uniform ways to perform different types of actions.
by javarevisited on May 19, 2016

Adapter Design Pattern

Connect to us ( @twitter | @facebook )In this tutorial I am going to explain about the adapter design pattern as part of the design patterns in Java series. Adapter design pattern is one of the structural design pattern because adapter design deals w...
by JavaBeat on Nov 5, 2015

Builder Design Pattern

Connect to us ( @twitter | @facebook )In this tutorial I am going to explain about builder design pattern, this is one of the most widely used design pattern in Java. Builder design pattern comes under the creational design pattern since builder des...
by JavaBeat on Oct 29, 2015

Strategy Design Pattern and Open Closed Principle in Java - Example

Strategy design pattern is based upon open closed design principle, the 'O' of famous SOLID design principles. It's one of the popular pattern in the field of object-oriented analysis and design along with Decorator, Observer and Factory...
by javarevisited on Jul 9, 2015

Adapter vs Decorator vs Facade vs Proxy Design Pattern in Java

There is some striking similarity between Adapter, Decorator, Facade and Proxy design pattern, in the sense that they all use Composition and delegation to solve the problem. Adapter pattern wraps an interface, and delegates call to it. Decorator wra...
by javarevisited on Jan 1, 2015

Strategy Design Pattern in Java using Enum - Tutorial Example

I have said this before that Java Enum is very versatile and can do lot more than you normally expect from it. We have seen lot of examples of Enum in my earlier posts e.g. writing thread-safe Singleton using Enum and 10 ways to use Enum in Java. In...
by javarevisited on Nov 19, 2014

SkillFeed – Experience Design Patterns In Java

Description: Boost your software designs by taking this content-rich and hands on fully featured training course. This course will give you insight in the more than 20+ design patterns from the book “Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object...
by tutgfx on Sep 17, 2014

Law of Demeter in Java - Principle of least Knowledge - Real life Example

Law of Demeter also known as principle of least knowledge is a coding principle, which says that a module should not know about the inner details of the objects it manipulates. If a code depends upon internal details of a particular object, there is...
by javarevisited on May 28, 2014

Double Checked Locking on Singleton Class in Java

Singleton class is quite common among Java developers, but it poses many challenges to junior developers. One of the key challenge they face is how to keep Singleton class as Singleton? i.e. how to prevent multiple instances of a Singleton due to wha...
by javarevisited on May 26, 2014

State Design Pattern In Java

Connect to us ( @twitter | @facebook )This tutorial explains the state design pattern with a simple example program. State design pattern is very similar to the Strategy pattern, the only difference is that state design pattern maintains the state of...
by JavaBeat on Apr 28, 2014

JAVA: Singleton Pattern - Concept and 7 Most Popular Implementation Style

   Singleton in one of the most popular yet controversial design pattern, in the world of object oriented programming. It's one of those patterns, that every developer comes to know first and again it's one of of those patterns, that even e...

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