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Benefits: Enterprise Mobility Solutions On Multiple Platforms

Mobility solutions have emerged as one of the prominent solutions that have been adopted by the companies in the business world to promote their user centric model in all proportions. It is important to note that the diverse frameworks and open sourc...

CSS jQuery Pointy Slider

Check out the CSS jQuery Pointy Slider, a slideshow with sliding-in panels that unveil new, fixed background images. The slider is responsive and has a sharp design with an interesting motion effect. Crafted by Codyhouse Share this The post CSS jQuer...
by Gaspix on Jan 20, 2016

Script Loading between HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2

Web pages increasingly suffer from JavaScript-library bloat.  Because it is difficult to avoid the awkward wait while these libraries load, there are some techniques for making the loading of these script files less evident to the page-load time. Th...
by What is web development on Jan 16, 2016

Vertical Fixed Navigation

Check out a tutorial on how to create a smart Vertical Fixed Navigation with round indicators that turn into icons the moment the users interacts with them. Precious tutorial from Codyhouse Share this The post Vertical Fixed Navigation appeared first...
by Gaspix on Jan 14, 2016

JavaScript Jam Mengikuti Cursor

Memasang jam yang mengikuti pointer kursor mouse dengan jarum detik dan tanggal yang memutar. Jam ini menggunakan data Hari, Tanggal dan Waktu yang ada pada komputer pengunjung. Cara pemasangan script waktu ini cukup mudah dan anda tidak perlu meruba...
by MonosBit on Jan 11, 2016

Tags Input Beautifier

Interaksi yang lebih baik pada masukan berupa data tag dengan JavaScript.
by Hompimpa Alaihum Gambreng on Jan 7, 2016

Introduction to JavaScript - Tutorial 4 - Object Oriented Programming

Hello guys,Today, I am going to show you the concept of object oriented programming in JavaScript. Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm that uses abstraction to create objects based on the real world. OOP uses several tech...

Sudoku – Solver

After a long time I’m writing this post. Today, I would like to explain you one of my project which I have worked on. This my programming Languages project – A 16 X 16 Sudoku Solver with a Java Driven … Continue reading →...
by letus program on Jan 3, 2016

CSS Cursor

A small web app that helpy you to choose a CSS Cursor type from the showcase for use in your application. You can choose from various CSS cursors displayed in the preview. Share this The post CSS Cursor appeared first on Web Design Blog | Gaspix.
by Gaspix on Dec 30, 2015

Easy Ionic Side Menu Transitions

Spice up your menu with these Ionic Side Menu Transitions by simply implementing some CSS rules that will help you pull out the menu or click buttons for diverse effects. Released by Jamie Coulter Share this The post Easy Ionic Side Menu Transitions...
by Gaspix on Dec 29, 2015

Introduction to JavaScript - Tutorial 3 - Functions, Event Listeners

Hello everyone, in this tutorial we are going to continue learning the basics of JavaScript. Today, we will start our tutorial by embedding an external JavaScript file to our HTML file. In order to do this, we need to create a js file and write...

Java Developers Can Dish Out Tastier Web Apps with JSweet

Java developers get a sweet treat this Christmas by the launch of the JSweet via open source. JSweet will the java developers in utilizing their Java skills for building much better and highly... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website f...
by Mono-live on Dec 23, 2015

Reading Progress Indicator in SVG CSS and jQuery

Today’s resource is a widget containing a list of suggested articles, with a reading progress indicator in SVG CSS and jQuery. Pay attention how the reading progress changes when a filling effect appears. Released by Codyhouse Share this The po...
by Gaspix on Dec 22, 2015

Widget Burung Elang Beterbangan di Blog

Cara Membuat Burung Elang Beterbangan di BlogTrik kali ini cara membuat animasi burung elang beterbangan di blog. Selain membuat tampilan unik dan menarik, animasi ini bisa membuat daya tarik tersendiri bagi pengunjung blog terutama penggemar burung...
by MonosBit on Dec 21, 2015

Open Source Desktop App announced the full open sourcing of the desktop app.  A desktop app that lets you manage all your and Jetpack-enabled sites in one place. You can access the source and documentation on GitHub at the automa...

CSS Presentation Slideshow

Here’s a simple CSS Presentation Slideshow available in jQuery as well. It was designed as a presentation template for browsers. Released by Codyhouse Share this The post CSS Presentation Slideshow appeared first on Web Design Blog | Gaspix.
by Gaspix on Dec 15, 2015

Star Wars CSS Animation

Today’s we’d like to have your attention on an awesome tutorial on how to build an outstanding Star Wars CSS Animation. This example combines CSS animation with some other CSS properties you may find useful. Check out the DEMO for inspira...
by Gaspix on Dec 15, 2015

Boost UI Rendering with Client Side Templating

Previous week I was preparing for internal Tech. session for my work colleagues; It was mainly about how we can Improve UI rendering experience for heavy pages and how we can move the UI heavy lifting from the server to the client. Let the server ge...
by What is web development on Dec 11, 2015

AngularJS with touch of GulpJS

AngularJS with touch of GulpJS: Last week I was working on AngularJS project which contains multiple JavaScript files (controllers, services, directives, etc…),  good number of HTML partials, and some custom CSS files. This project started to grow...
by What is web development on Dec 8, 2015

Takana CSS Live Editor

Takana CSS Live Editor will help you change your SCSS and CSS style live, in the browser, as you type them. The editor supports OSX, Linux and Sublime Text 2 & 3. Crafted by mechio Share this The post Takana CSS Live Editor appeared first on Web...
by Gaspix on Dec 7, 2015

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