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Jaycee Lee Dugard: A Trauma That Sparked Hope

One can hardly envisage Jaycee Lee Dugard’s dark somber past looking at her bright, unruffled face, and tranquil emotions. Appearing in an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, Jaycee exhibited incredible verve and optimism. Her insinuations for fut...
by Barkha Dhar on Jul 26, 2011

Jaycee Dugard to Receive $20 Million Settlement

Jaycee Dugard (30), disappeared in 1991 when she was just 11 years old. It was not until 2009 that she was found inside the backyard shed of registered sex offender, Phillip Garrido. Dugard was the victim of sexual abuse and kidnapping. Garrido fathe...
by Free INFO on Jul 1, 2010

Jaycee Dugard in People Magazine

People Magazine released Jaycee Dugard’s public statement and pictures. It’s Jaycee Dugard who suffered 18-years sentence as a Sex-Slave and made headlines some two months ago in Northern California. She is 29-year-old now and living a happy life...
by Free INFO on Oct 14, 2009

Jaycee Lee Dugard picture Winfrey may get to interview her

New Delhi, Sept 6, 2009: Jaycee Lee Dugard picture Winfrey may get to interview her. If reports are to be believed Oprah Winfrey may be allowed to interview Jaycee Lee Dugard, the eleven year old kid who was abducted eighteen years ago and could be f...

Nancy Garrido

Was Phillip Garrido abduction, rape and 18-year imprisonment of Jaycee Dugard helped by his wife Nancy Garrido? ABCnews has the report: According to prosecutors, Nancy Garrido is every bit as responsible as her husband in the alleged abduction, rape...
by News and Blogging Tips on Sep 3, 2009

Van do Google teria flagrado homem que manteve jovem refém por 18 anos

Um leitor do popular blog “Boing Boing” alertou a página sobre um possível percurso feito pelo sequestrador Phillip Garrido atrás da van do Google responsável pelo serviço de mapas Street View, que mostra ruas de diversas cidades do mundo. G...
by Brfotos on Sep 2, 2009

Phillip Garrido’s Blog

Everyone has come across blogs written by people they swear aren’t quite right. Today, I found one for sure. I wrote about it over at fraccers. Somehow, I just didn’t find it all that funny. Link below. Phillip Garrido: A Blogger’s Voic...
by Fracas on Aug 31, 2009

Jaycee Dugard Pictures:Jaycee Lee Dugard

Jaycee Dugard photos: Jaycee Lee Dugard-miracles still happen on earth. It happened with Lee Dugard.Jaycee Jaycee Lee Dugard was kidnapped for 18 years after he was found. Today, she is united with his mother and lives in a motel in Antioch, Californ...
by Entertainment News on Aug 30, 2009

Caso Jaycee Lee Dugard - La policía estuvo hasta dos veces en casa del secuestrador de Jaycee sin descubrir nada

El PaísLos agentes rastrean el rancho del raptor en busca de pistas que le vinculen con asesinatos de varias prostitutas en los noventaELPAÍ / REUTERS - Madrid / San FranciscoA medida que pasan las horas, la historia de Jaycee Dugard, la joven...
by Hasta que se sepa la Verdad on Aug 29, 2009

Jaycee Lee Dugard Loves Her Captor

Who’s Jaycee Lee Dugard Jaycee Lee Dugard has been subjected to what police say was nearly a lifetime of torment in a backyard compound set up by a religious zealot with a rap sheet dating to the 1970s. Prosecutors say she was raped and had two...
by News and Blogging Tips on Aug 29, 2009

Missing Girl Found 18 Years Later

I just read an article from Reuters that a Jaycee Lee Dugard,California girl who was kidnapped 18 years ago was found alive :) What a great a news right?! :) I couldn't imagine what they (the girl and her parents) have been through all throughout tho...
by Life Can't Wait on Aug 28, 2009

Caso Jaycee Lee Dugard - Niña de 11 años secuestrada y violada por el americano Fritzle ha sido encontrada viva después de 18 años. Anton Antonowicz Niña secuestrada obligada a tener dos hijos después de haber sido cogida por un desalmado sexual.La secuestrada Jaycee Lee Dugard fue forzada a tener dos hijos por el pervertido que la robó DE LAS CALLES hace 18 añ...
by Hasta que se sepa la Verdad on Aug 28, 2009

Jaycee Lee Dugard Pictures

Eighteen/18 years ago 11-year-old Jaycee Lee Dugard was abducted near Lake Tahoe, California. A 29-year-old woman has just come forward claiming to be the missing child. If Jaycee Lee Dugard is alive, she would be 29 years old.
by on Aug 28, 2009

Kidnapped Girl Found 18 Years Later

Kidnapped Girl Found Years Later – Press Conference

Yesterday’s post about Jaycee Lee Dugard being found after 18 years is a news astonishing the world today. As announced in the previous post, a press conference was scheduled to give more insight about this case. Here are the latest brief detai...
by Island Crisis on Aug 27, 2009

Watch Jaycee Lee Dugard Press Conference 8/27/09 Part 3 Video

Watch Jaycee Lee Dugard Press Conference 8/27/09 Part 3 Video!
by Complete News In The World on Aug 27, 2009

Jaycee Lee Dugard Found after 18 Years

Jaycee Lee Dugard has been found after 18 YEARS of being missing! The name Jaycee Lee Dugard might not be very popular to you right now but let’s have a look at this amazing story first. Jaycee Lee Dugard was involved in a kdnapping case at t...
by Island Crisis on Aug 27, 2009

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