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Teacher Feature: Emma R.

Meet June’s Teacher Feature, Emma! She just graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a BA in Music Performance and has been a fantastic voice and piano teacher for us for about a year now. Before coming to work for us, Emma was a vocal coach in...
by Molly's Music Blog on Jun 3, 2016

Bernie Worrell: Elevation – The Upper Air

Bernie Worrell may be best known as the backbone of George Clinton’s Parliament-Funkadelic, but on Elevation that spine sprouts veins, flesh, and wings in the keyboardist’s first solo piano transformation on record. While one may find it to be a...

Guitar and Barre Technique

One unique technique you want to master in playing guiar is barre technique. With barre technique you press down multiple strings across a single fret with one or more fingers. It is unavoidable for the use of barre technique to influence tone qualit...
by Classic Jazz Giants on Nov 8, 2015

“God” of Jazz Piano

One of the classic jazz giants, Art Tatum was often called “God” of jazz piano due to amazing speed and precision of his finger movement. There is an episode that Oscar Peterson heard Art Tatum’s recording of Tiger Rag for the first...
by Classic Jazz Giants on Nov 7, 2015

Bird in Motion Picture

Despite his great presence in the history of jazz, there are only a couple of motion pictures showing Charlie Parker performing saxophone due to his untimely demise. Classic Jazz Giants site introduces one of such rare motion pictures of Charlie Park...
by Classic Jazz Giants on Nov 6, 2015

Playing Pianissimo and Fortissimo

Each piano jazz giant has his unique rendition of songs, and employs the tones best suits his rendition. Bill Evans plays most of the songs with tones between mezzo forte and pisnnisimo but rarely plays with fortissimo. Oscar Peterson fully utilizes...
by Classic Jazz Giants on Nov 6, 2015

Listening to Jazz with Analytical Mind

Listening to the recordings by classic jazz giants itself is still entertaining without any background knowledge about the structure of the songs. With such knowledge, however, you can appreciate the same recordings ten times and more. Followings are...
by Classic Jazz Giants on Nov 5, 2015

Guitar and Picking Methods

There are various ways to sound a guitar string. Guitar jazz giants introduced at Classic Jazz Giants site have different picking styles. Jim Hall used a guitar pick. Joe Pass used four fingers. Wes Montgomery used thumb. Guitar pick is a small flat...
by Classic Jazz Giants on Nov 4, 2015

Jazz and Music Rest

You might have seen piano jazz giants laying sheet music on the piano without using music rest while playing with other musicians. Intuitively it seems easier to read sheet music and play using music rest. Why did piano jazz giants play without musi...
by Classic Jazz Giants on Nov 3, 2015

Illusion of 88 Keys

Lower pitched notes implicate heavier objects to many people. Many novice pianists are preoccupied with an idea that keys generating lower pitched notes are heavier than the rest of the keys. Since keys generating lower pitched notes are played by th...
by Classic Jazz Giants on Nov 2, 2015

Jazz and Bach

It might be a well known story that piano jazz giants such as Bud Powell and Bill Evans studied Johann Sebastian Bach intensively. Why did piano jazz giants study Bach? The answer lies in the fact that Bach’s compositions emphasize interactions...
by Classic Jazz Giants on Oct 31, 2015

Miles Davis and Mute

Classic Jazz Giants site introduces performances by Miles Davis using muted trumpet. The mute allowed Davis play the trumpet the way he spoke. Davis himself allegedly mentioned that he could focus on tunes better in a “quiet environment”...
by Classic Jazz Giants on Oct 31, 2015

Music Review – Toshiko Akiyoshi

I don’t think I’ve had the opportunity to say so on this site yet, but I’m a rather big fan of the Japanese jazz scene.  Since anything that I’m a big fan of is fair game for this blog, here’s a post on Japanese jazz.
by Popculturemecha on Jul 5, 2015

Teacher Feature: Benny R.

“The keyboard is like a magical foundation for every for every other instrument that comes after it.” ~Benny For this month’s Teacher Feature, we chose to interview the Molly’s Music teacher who plays the most instruments̵...
by Molly's Music Blog on Sep 22, 2014

Duke Ellington Solo Piano Concert

The worst thing about this video is still wonderful.  It should be required viewing, as far as I am concerned.According to the notes at YouTube this was recorded by ABC in Australia, it is a concert where Duke Ellington gives an overview of Jazz...
by SqueezeMyLemon on Jun 18, 2014

How does one start playing jazz piano?

Question by The Next Guy: How does one start playing jazz piano? I would like to be able to play any song from the Real Book. I know how to read notes and time measures and count time. I can play piano well enough, I’ve been playing piano for f...
by Aretha Franklin fan site on Nov 6, 2012

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