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Sport Legends or Asian Models?

Nowadays, there are so many beautiful female athletes that the faces and appearances can match famous models or celebrities. Unfortunately, only few of those athletes have achievements that can match their beauties, as many of them only act as eye ca...
by The Sport Legends on Mar 3, 2012

Jeanette Lee Game Face

On our first post about the pool player Jeanette Lee, we wrote that she got her nickname "The Black Widow" for her tendency to wears black in a match. Apparently, there's another reason why she's called The Black Widow, which is that she would "eat p...
by Asian Hot Actress on Jun 5, 2011

Jeanette Lee - The Black Widow Bio

Although this blog is titled Asian Hot Actress, we try to provide all source to Asian beautiful public figures, not just an actress. So, they can be singer, model, athlete, or even an athlete, such as Jeanette Lee. Let's check the biography of Jeanet...
by Asian Hot Actress on Dec 2, 2010

Jeanette Lee is The Hottest Pool Legend

In the past years, pool/billiard is not a popular sport for female. But thanks to figures like Jeanette Lee, women became more attracted to this game. Jeanette Lee is an American professional pool player, started her career in 1989. She got her first...
by The Sport Legends on Oct 22, 2010

Carambola | Cha campeona del Queen of Carom

La coreana Yu Ram Cha fue la campeona de la tercera edición del torneo Queen of Carom, tras perder la final en 2008. En el torneo de exhibición participaron Allison Fisher (Inglaterra), Shanelle Loraine (USA), Zarah Delrosario (Filipinas), Yu Ram C...
by Billar Blog .tk on Jun 22, 2009

POOL | Primera campeona mundial de bola 10

Rubilen Amit es la jugadora filipina que conquista el primer Campeonato Mundial Femenino de Bola 10. El torneo realizado en Filipinas contó con la presencia de las mejores jugadoras del mundo, con un premio de U$S 20.000 para la campeona.Shin-mei Li...
by Billar Blog .tk on Jun 12, 2009

Women’s World 10 ball Championship on studio 23

Watch the battle of the most greatest women billiard players around the globe in the “women’s world 10 ball championship 2009″ that is being held here in the Philippines. A live telecast of the billiard matches is being aired on st...
by aprub on Jun 2, 2009

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