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Polarized Politics, Caiden Cowger, Social Conservatism and the 3 way race for global dominance

In Jeffrey Bell's "The Case for Polarized Politics:  Why America Needs Social Conservatism" (c. 2012, Encounter Books,  New York, London) he depicts the future as consisting of a 3 way race for global dominance between Islam,  the Left...
by Musing in Obama's America on Jun 27, 2012

Deleuze – the new unfalsifiable academic guru?

At some point one must reconsider the ontological underpinnings of one’s research. During the recent years I have been largely inspired by Bergson, Deleuze and DeLanda in my search for a “posthumanocentric” and “neomaterialistic” archaeolog...
by Archaeological Haecceities on Jul 21, 2010

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