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What’s really wrong with Eli Manning?

The shorthand answer is “absolutely nothing”. The media’s gross mishandling of the “bias” coverage of the New York Giants’ Eli Manning dates back to his controversial decision to opt out of San Diego. It was a controversial decision,...
by The Penalty Flag on Apr 16, 2014

Kenny Phillips Fallout

Phillips is out for the year. I really did not want to even post today. Losing Osi last August was worse than this, but this is up there. Francesa said it is big, very big. He did not back away, kept on repeating how big a loss this is for the Giants...
by Ultimatenyg on Sep 25, 2009

Giants Roster Notes 9/16

The Giants made some interesting roster moves as they prepare for their primetime showdown in Dallas on Sunday night.  The Giants claimed running back Gartell Johnson off of waivers from the San Diego Chargers, likely as a temporary replaceme...
by MLB Babble on Sep 16, 2009

Jerry Reese comments

Jerry Reese did Q&A with Giants fans. Bob Papa moderated.Re expanding the season to 18 games: "Still in the early stages.. a lot of red tape.. Players Union will have to sign off on a lot of stuff. If you go to a longer season you will have to expand...
by Ultimatenyg on Jun 29, 2009

The view from a former NFL Scout

One of the regulars to the Ultimatenyg New York Giants Blog who comments here on occasion is a former NFL Scout. He knows a thing or two about football, and was generous enough to share his thoughts with us from late Saturday night after Day 1 of the...
by Ultimatenyg on Apr 30, 2009

Did we get our man?

On Saturday night when Day 1 was over, we heard from Reese (and Ultimatenyg in the comments section):Q&A with Jerry Reese:Q: Did you get your man? A: We got a very good player; very good player. We like him a lot. He is a big, strong kid, very produc...
by Ultimatenyg on Apr 29, 2009

More Post-Draft Analysis

The football world did a lot of post draft 2009 analysis yesterday. We left our analysis from Saturday and Sunday to stand alone for Monday because we do not look at what others are saying. Our conclusions are not based on what anyone else thinks. Ju...
by Ultimatenyg on Apr 28, 2009

Recap of Day 1 of the NFL Draft

William Beatty, Clint Sintim and Hakeem NicksQuick summary: We did not get Braylon Edwards, so that was disappointing. It always takes years to grade picks, but with that said, the early word is that Nicks and Sintim were uninspiring picks while Beat...
by Ultimatenyg on Apr 26, 2009

Chris Canty and the Defensive Line

How aggressively do the Giants go after Chris Canty in the wake of Rocky Bernard being signed? What are the chances of the Giants signing him?Pros:1) The perfect mix of age (26) and experience (4 yrs)2) Able to play both DE and DT well3) Cofield and...
by Ultimatenyg on Mar 1, 2009

Free Agency about to begin

and nary a peep from the Ultimatenyg blog. Sometimes it is what we don't say that is just as important as what we say. Hit the snooze button when the Free Agency alarm goes off. Reese is so calculated that it is almost boring. He wanted Jacobs done,
by Ultimatenyg on Feb 27, 2009

Giants Sign Jacobs to 4 Year Deal

Giants and Jacobs get deal done for 4 years. Good work Reese and Jacobs. Details of how much is guaranteed for the injury-prone RB will determine how well it was crafted for both sides, but it is still a positive for both sides.
by Ultimatenyg on Feb 25, 2009

Jerry Reese offseason comments, Gibril Wilson bank heist

Jerry Reese transcript Q&A at the NFL Combine.The most interesting item of note was Gibril Wilson getting cut. Al Davis and the Raiders are clearly a derailed train, completely out of control. Do you realize how much Wilson scored from this? Try..
by Ultimatenyg on Feb 22, 2009

100,000 hits

Today this blog crossed over the 100,000 hits milestone. So celebrate with Ultimatenyg as we usher in a stronger 2009 with a hungrier Giants team that will play with increased resolve to win a title. This week is the Super Bowl. Robbins likes the Ste...
by Ultimatenyg on Jan 28, 2009

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