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Another bracelet choice for the Fitbit and other trackers

Apparently, jewelry for your fitness tracker is the new thing.  I found a seller on Etsy that offers metal bracelets, necklaces, and even a little purse for Fitbit trackers; they also have some accessories for the Jawbone Up and the Garmin Vivof...
by concoconco on Apr 1, 2015

Bling for your Fitbit band

We told you about some expensive Tory Burch jewelry holders for your Fitbit Flex.  They cost more than the Fitbit did, and not everyone is going to want to pay that much to pretty up their Flex tracker.  If you like girly accessories, you m...
by concoconco on Mar 30, 2015

Pay tribute to Mr. Spock with this necklace

If he were still with us, Leonard Nimoy would have been 84 years old yesterday.  If you are one of the many fans of Mr. Nimoy and Mr. Spock, you might want to pay tribute to both of them with this beautiful necklace.  The pendant looks like...
by concoconco on Mar 27, 2015

Dress up your Misfit Shine with this necklace

It seems most everyone has a fitness tracker these days, and most of them have a very utilitarian, sporty look.  If you’d rather have something a bit prettier than a silicone wrist band or a belt clip, you can purchase jewelry for your Mis...
by concoconco on Feb 20, 2015

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and a young padawan’s heart turns to lightsaber engagement rings

Star Wars fan or not, this is truly a beautiful ring!  I’m not sure how comfortable it would be to wear because of the shape of the “lightsaber hilt” portion of the band, but the emeralds and diamonds are gorgeous.  The co...
by concoconco on Feb 13, 2015

Gold deposits in Siberia Russia found a giant natural bullion

In June 13th, gold deposit in Siberia Russia found a giant natural bullion, was named as the “devil’s ear”, weighs 6.664 kg. It is reported, a screening device for this precious natural bullion was missing, but after the Ukhagan gol...
by Health and a better life blog on Jun 21, 2014

Pandora New Spring Arrivals

Pandora has so many new arrivals just in time for Spring. The Spring 2014 collection is feminine, dainty, and colorful. Did you know Pandora Jewelry has a ring collection? Today we are excited to highlight some of our favorites! The Pandora...
by Jewelry Style Voice on Mar 26, 2014

Perot horses cover diamond field – the world’s largest diamond mine

According to reports, in the 1970s, the former Soviet geologists in the midst of eastern Siberia more than 100 km in diameter crater below, discovered an unprecedented giant ore field “Perot horses covered meteor craters.” The diameter of...
by Health and a better life blog on Feb 19, 2014

Gold prices rose sharply, gold bullion investment warming

Gold prices rose sharply last month, the rate of increase of 4.8% , which is two days rose to nearly $ 1,700 mark , setting a new record of nearly five and a half months . Reporters learned that, with the arrival of peak consumption , the recent sign...
by Health and a better life blog on Feb 17, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Michael Kors Tortoise Jewelery

From eyeglasses to bagles, tortoise is hot on our wish list.  Today with the help of blogger Julie Leah, we’re showing off some Michael Kors tortoise looks sure to please even the pickiest on your shopping list! The traditional toggle link bra...
by Jewelry Style Voice on Dec 5, 2013

Pandora Winter 2013 Collection

Pandora’s winter collection has arrived and we couldn’t be more excited!  The collection has been dubbed Winter Wonderlandand it does not disappoint, including a snowflake, an angel andblue and purple Faceted Beauty Murano charms. Th...
by Jewelry Style Voice on Nov 4, 2013

Coronet Solitaire Diamonds

Coronet Diamonds are among one of our latest obsessions.  They say diamonds are a girls best friend, and we agree!  What’s great about Coronet Solitaires, though is their huge style for an unbeatable price. Some of our favorites in this new and e...
by Jewelry Style Voice on Oct 10, 2013

Hot Colors for Summer Jewelry

This year the fashion industry’s hot colors are bold but muted.  Most making the list are darker hues of the primary colors such as cobalt blue, sage green, goldenrod yellow, deep purple, and rust orange.  As a group, the colors are vibrant b...
by Jewelry Style Voice on Jun 10, 2013

Canadian diamonds.

Have you thought about a Canadian diamond for your engagement ring? Canadian diamonds are conflict-free diamonds.
by The Wedding Ring on Dec 19, 2012

See Robert Manse jewelry at Hatfield Jewelers.

Need some jewelry gift ideas for the holidays? Visit Robert’s Bali Designs Colorful Gift Suggestions Facebook page for ideas and to buy jewelry directly online from HSN.
by The Wedding Ring on Dec 10, 2012

Promise Rings

Show that special person in your life how much they mean to you by getting them a promise ring!
by The Wedding Ring on Dec 3, 2012

Win free wedding rings with the wedding ring Competwition!

American wedding ring manufacturer Lieberfarb is giving soon-to-be-wed couples a chance to win a set of wedding bands from the new BOND2 ring collection.
by The Wedding Ring on Nov 20, 2012

Russia’s little diamond secret.

Russia may have had a little diamond secret - Christian Science Monitor reports that trillions of carats in diamonds lie below an asteroid crater.
by The Wedding Ring on Sep 17, 2012


Women have always loved getting jewelry gifts from men. Because jewelry retains its value, that adds to the significance of the gift. Also, because jewelry is an investment, a jewelry gift is a physical symbol of the declaration of the love one feels...
by JR Jewelers Blog on Jul 27, 2012

Jewelry And Designs-An Overview

You can learn how to makebeaded jewelry for free in the comfort atyour own home and havehouseof fun designing and making your own jewelry. You can even turn your hobby into a profitable home based jewelry business. A great starting point for beginner...
by ATLPC Jewelry Blog on Jul 22, 2012

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