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“Binders full of women”: Mitt finally lands a zinger for the ages

Remember back before the first debate when Mitt let us know he was working on his zingers? Yep. Clearly he wanted to land a punch that would push him over the top in the public consciousness, score the iconic rhetorical knockout blow that people woul...
by Scholars & Rogues on Oct 17, 2012

Op/Ed: Complaints without political solutions fail to heal middle/lower class woes

Photo ROJS News Op/Ed Solutions v.s. Complaining. Actions v.s. Inaction. Both are easy words to understand, yet there are differences between to two. Solutions/Actions include... Visit "ROJS News" right now to read more of thi...

A vote for the Green Party presidential ticket is a vote for voting

Check out the Green Party on Israel-Palestine before calling it a "wasted" vote...
by Scholars & Rogues on Aug 8, 2012

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