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Job Search Checklist – Item #4: A Response Resume

A response resume is customized to the specific audience - something you might use responding to a job opportunity. Learn 5 Things You Need To Create A Great Response Resume ... (Continued at
by on Aug 14, 2012

Vacancies at a Multinational Group in Kenya

Multinational Group Vacancies (Very Attractive Salaries) Our client is one of the worlds leading brands in healthcare and lighting systems. They wish to fill the following vacancies urgently: Job Ref. MN 5450 Indirect Channel Manager – East Afric...
by Jobs & Vacancies in Kenya on Aug 12, 2012

Job Seekers: Branding Yourself As A Generalist Doesn’t Work

A searched based economy allows employers to be specific, more precise in what they want … and encourages providers (including job seekers) to be more specific and precise in what we can provide. (Continued at
by on Jul 27, 2012

A Beginner’s Guide To Blogging – Very Easy

Setting up a blog is much easier than a lot of people make it out to be. However, there’s so much information out there that it can seem quite daunting to a beginner. Well, I know some guys who made it really simple. Their names are Yaro Starak...
by Internet Mastery Center Blog on Jul 25, 2012

Inside Look at the Special Education Profession

An Inside Look at the Special Education Profession. Special education professionals work to promote students' overall behavioral, social and academic growth. Special education professionals aide students in developing socially appropriate behavior wi...
by LanguageCorps Asia on Jul 18, 2012

Job Interview Answer Video: Where will you be in five years time? – Prepare yourself today

Employers want to hire people who have goals and ambition, so you need to have an idea of where your career is heading. The video below will give you an idea of the best answer.
by Jobs & Scholarships in Nigeria on May 29, 2012

Job Fair BUMN PT Bio Farma (Persero) Bandung Mei 2012

Do you like this story? PT Bio Farma (Persero) BUMN Company in Pharmaceutical, opening chance for the rising generations nation that potentially, drudge, creative, innovative, having tall motivation and likes daring for conjoined with perusahan the o...
by Lowongan Kerja CPNS dan BUMN on May 22, 2012

What it Takes to Become an Effective Business Coach

Business Coaching is a topic that we recognize many people are trying to discover more about, and it is not always simple to do. Most do not consider the time to look deeper in the search results, and they often … Continue reading →...

Day 43: Burning Passion

Today I learned about “passion” – doing things in life that you actually enjoy. For me, passion is falling inlove with what you do, pursuing those things that make you happy, and above all, it gives you that “purpose of living...
by Between Coordinates on Apr 26, 2012

PT. Jaya Konstruksi Manggala Pratama Tbk – Administration, Site Engineer, Purchasing, Estimator, Quantity Surveyor, General Affair, Internal Audit

PT. Jaya Konstruksi Manggala Pratama Tbk is one of the construction companies in Indonesia that has been successfully operated for more than four decades. We have completed over than thousands major and minor projects. This is becoming our huge proud...
by Lowongan Kerja CPNS dan BUMN on Apr 20, 2012

Day 37: Status Report

So far, I have published 46 posts, 5 pages, 13 categories, and around 150 tags. Surprisingly, I also have readers that had brought the rank of this site from a 355 to now, a 343 – With that, I am already happy. It has been such a ride. I have m...
by Between Coordinates on Apr 20, 2012

3 Tips For Writing Great Subject Lines Effectively

E-mail marketing is about getting many factors right. One of these variables is the subject line of your e-mail. The subject line can be compared to the headline of an article or book title. It makes you different from everyone else and also lets you...
by Internet Mastery Center Blog on Apr 19, 2012

What Should I Be When I Grow Up?

I thought I was all grown up. I’m turning 36 this year, have the beautiful wife, the three smart kids, the good job, the riding mower, the two cars, the house, etc… I’m all set right? I sure thought so, until my employer decided to...
by Dads Can Cook Too on Apr 16, 2012

Being Qualified Isn’t Good Enough In Today’s Job Market

Being qualified isn't good enough anymore ... It's not enough because there are many qualified candidates. Learn to understand how companies decide which qualified candidate's resume to read and then to interview is critical. (Continued at http://re...
by on Apr 12, 2012

Day 29: Say Hello to Insect Repellants

Because last night I was attacked by so many mosquitoes (at least, that’s what I thought happened), I took the liberty of fumigating our cabins – including the ones where the others are staying. Well, if you can’t kill all of the mo...
by Between Coordinates on Apr 11, 2012

Job Search Research: Influencing Fit – Part 3

This is the third article in a multipart series on job search research. Learn how superior information can help you make a first impression on people you've never met in the hiring process .... (Continued at
by on Apr 10, 2012

Technical Officer Jobs (Monitoring and Evaluation)

Technical Officer Jobs (Monitoring and Evaluation) at FHI 360 FHI 360 is a global development organization with a rigorous, evidence-based approach. Our professional staff includes experts in health, nutrition, education, economic development, civi...
by Jobs & Scholarships in Nigeria on Mar 12, 2012

What’s Your Job Search Plan Z?

Do you have a job search Plan Z? Having a viable Plan Z gives you the guts to go all-out in pursuing your A & B plans ... (Continued at
by on Mar 12, 2012

Putting Numbers To Job Search Competition

When you apply for a job, how many others are competing against you? If you knew you had many competitors, would you search for a job in the same way if you had few competitors? This article puts some numbers on the job search competition you face..
by on Mar 5, 2012

THOT 4 2 Day — 02.22.12

THOT 4 2 DAY is the daily portion of the 1 Year Bible Reading and a Christian quote to start your day.
by Laboring In The Lord on Feb 22, 2012

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