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The Unemployment Rate Drops to Seven Year Low

The Goldilocks principle posits that “something must fall within certain margins, as opposed to reaching extremes” and a recent report from the U.S. Labor Department suggests that the U.S. economy is sticking strictly to this tenet. According to...
by Debt Free Living Guru on May 18, 2015

Headlines Today

U S said to plan lawsuit over North Carolina Voting law. China factory gauge unexpectedly misses preliminary estimate. Records defaults seen on $40 billion recast loans. First US shutdown in 17 years at midnight seen probably. Europe's re...

Seattle Jobless Rate Just 4.7 Percent

Looking for good news today? According to an article by Josh Kerns of,  the jobless rate in Seattle is now just 4.7%. This is the lowest it has been since 2008. Washington’s recovery continues to outpace the rest of nation, wh...
by UrbanCondoSpaces on Jun 25, 2013

Economy gains 165,000 jobs; jobless rate, 7.5%

Paul Davidson, USA TODAY10:38 a.m. EDT May 3, 2013 (Photo: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images) Story Highlights Unemployment rate over 7% for 54 months since November 2008 Job gains for February, March revised up by 114,000 Average monthly gains for past...
by Earn Money For Real on May 3, 2013

VIDEO: The bad U.S. jobs report and Obama’s new budget — WonkTalk

The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein and Dylan Matthews of WonkBlog discuss the latest U.S. jobs report. Thanks for checking us out. Please take a look at the rest of our videos and articles. To stay in the loop, bookmark our homepage.The post VIDEO: T...
by @JTN_Network on Apr 5, 2013

U.S. jobless rate falls to 7.7% as jobs surge

The February U.S. jobs report delivered an encouraging surprise Friday, with the unemployment rate slipping to a four-year low of 7.7 percent, from 7.9 percent in January.
by Law & Industry Daily on Mar 8, 2013

Revenues or Earnings—Seems Like Stocks in This Market Can’t Beat on Both

The earnings train continued while the stock market was closed on Monday, and the numbers still aren’t that great. Archer-Daniels-Midland Company (NYSE/ADM) is one of the few large-cap companies that beat stock market consensus on revenues, but ear...

Jobless Rate Drops To 7.8% Republicans Dont Believe

Romney: Jobless Rate Not Really Getting Better by associatedpressJobless / unemployment update October 2012Romney says the job rate in the US is not improving. Figures came out today in the job report which has the unenplyment rate at 7.8% This...
by Trending Now Videos on Oct 5, 2012

Consumer Spending: May Numbers Weren’t Very Pretty

Consumer spending remains fragile, impacting the retail sector and gross domestic product (GDP). The key drivers are employment and wealth generation from such sources as stocks and housing. In the retail sector space, sales have been largely mixed w...

Surging U.S. Unemployment Rate Puts Pressure on Obama

By Bob Willis | The jump in the U.S. unemployment rate to the highest level in a quarter century last month suggests the recession is deeper than the Obama administration forecasts and additional measures may be needed to restart g...
by News Donkey on Mar 8, 2009

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