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The Friday Morning Listen: – Pat Metheny Group – American Garage (1979)

So a couple of weeks ago, we were talking about Neil Young‘s new Pono music system. Depending upon whom you ask, the Pono is: 1. A complete and total ripoff designed to separate unknowing fools from their money. P.S. And it’s ugly too. Or...
by Something Else Reviews on Apr 25, 2014

Joe Tex - Hold What You've Got (LP)

Hold On What You've Got is a wicked Southern soul album from 1965 - it basically collects Joe Tex's Dial singles from the time period. A couple of years before this album was released, James Brown started dating Tex's wife, Bea Ford, allegedly sparki...
by Randall Funk on Aug 18, 2011

Joe Tex--I Gotcha (1972)

    In 1972, it looked as if the career of Joe Tex was beginning to wind down. His last big hit was five years before, and his unique style of spoken morality songs and humorous R&B was out of vogue. He had teamed with Nashville pr...

Joe Tex – A woman (can change a man)

Joe Tex, was an American Southern soul singer-songwriter, most popular during the 1960s and 1970s. His style of speaking over music, which he called 'rap', made him a predecessor of the modern style of music.A man can say what he won't doBut if she r...
by SqueezeMyLemon on Feb 15, 2011

I'm Tired Now but Y'all Go 'Head On: OSF Songs I Detest but Know All the Words

Sometimes too much of a good thing either makes you sick to the stomach or just too tired to take it anymore. I ain't tryin' to slow anyone else's roll, but for my own sanity, these are a couple of songs that I initially enjoyed but really don't want...
by The Certain Sound on Oct 16, 2009

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