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YooTheme – WidgetKit v1 Beta 18 For Joomla

YooTheme – WidgetKit v1 Beta 18 For Joomla Widgetkit has been around for 6 weeks now and during this time a lot has happened. First we like to thank everyone who tried the Widgetkit betas and has send us feedback. We really appreciate it! Until...
by Nulled Scripts on Nov 28, 2011

SetPlus - Simple jQuery WYSIWYG HTML Editor for Joomla Plugin Free Download

Setplus Simple Text Editor is a lightweight in-browser editor built on jQuery library for typesetting HTML content. setplus can either be used as a stand-alone script or as an editor plug-in with the Joomla content management system using jQuery...
by DownloadCopyLink on Apr 12, 2011

iJoomla Adagency Joomla Extension

The ultimate advertising extension for Joomla! Now you can start generating income from your traffic by setting up an advertising program, easily!
by Premium Drupal Themes on Apr 11, 2011

InsiteBar Plugin: Social Web Toolbar for Joomla - Free Download

InsiteBar is a webbar widget with 1000+ apps that can eaisly integrate into your website in minutes and offer visitors functionalities like chatting, sharing content, translating the page they are on, retweeting it... This Plugin will adds a web...
by DownloadCopyLink on Mar 23, 2011

Show Joomla 1.6 Article Hits Plugin

With this Article Hits is a Free Content Statistics Joomla plugin that allows you to display the hit counter of any article wherever you want! This Plugin in order to allow administrators display the hit counter of any article within other article...
by DownloadCopyLink on Mar 16, 2011

ExtraPointsVote: Ajax Vote Joomla Plugin : Download Free

ExtraPointsVote is a fork of very popular ExtraVote plugin. It Provides Ajax Voting functionality to Joomla!® Articles and their Content as like as it's prototype but add the ability to add/remove points to users for their votes in AlphaUserPoint...
by DownloadCopyLink on Mar 16, 2011

Sami Cool Login: HOT Slid Login Form Joomla Plugin

Sami Cool Login Joomla Plugin from top with custom dashboard based on menu just select your usermenu and see what it will be. This plugin is not related with the login module it's only system plugin places on the top in a hidden box which scroll d...
by DownloadCopyLink on Mar 11, 2011

Download: Content Tabs and Sliders - Add Tabs/Sliders into Joomla 1.6 Contents Plugin

Content Tabs & Sliders allows you to easily and effortlessly add tabs / sliders to your Joomla 1.6 content (articles)! Tabs and sliders allows you to organize your articles better by creating groups of related content, thus giving the chance t...

Convert Wordpress to Joomla Extension - JConverter Free Download

JConverter is a component for Joomla! 1.5 allows you to convert your WordPress blog into a Joomla site. It can import users, blog posts, categories, pages and even links from your WordPress blog to Joomla. Just install it, select the options you wa...
by DownloadCopyLink on Oct 15, 2010

Projectfork: Free Joomla Project Management Extensions Free Download

Projectfork is an open source project management component for Joomla has a built-in calendar control to help you define deadlines for tasks, milestones and projects.  It is Joomla's best project management component, customize the appearance wi...
by DownloadCopyLink on Sep 25, 2010

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