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Helen Flanagan Coronation Street

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by Helen Flanagan Fan on Nov 1, 2010

Julia Haworth, Coronation St (Claire Peacock)

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Claire Peacock in suicide drama

Poor Claire. Whether the rumour's true that she's going to get a life-threatening blood clot or this new rumour that she's going to try to commit suicide, well, her Coronation Street future's not looking bright.The Star reports that Claire's gripped...
by Coronation Street Blog on Jun 9, 2009

Claire Peacock to be killed off?

Could Claire Peacock be getting killed off in Coronation Street?That's what The Sun suggests in their story today. They reckon that a blood clot will kill Claire's unborn child and leaves Claire in a life-threatening situation too.
by Coronation Street Blog on May 23, 2009

The return of Claire Peacock

Emails are finding their way to my inbox asking when Julia Haworth will return to Coronation Street as Claire Peacock. Julia is currently on maternity leave from work on the Street after giving birth to a baby girl in July last year. She'll be back
by Coronation Street Blog on Jan 23, 2009

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