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New Justice League photo offers a new look at Flash, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

A brand new photo from the upcoming Justice League film has been released and it offers a new look at Flash (Ezra miller), Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). This is one team up that I cannot wait to see.Ezra Miller who is playing the...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Dec 20, 2016

New Justice League Action clip has Superman and Batman fighting in a simulated video game.

Cartoon Network has just released a brand new clip from the new show Justice League Action. In this clip you get to see a fun fight sequence between Superman and Batman that will certainly remind gamer of the DC fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Dec 20, 2016

Justice League vs Suicide Squad # 1 Preview

Our first look at the upcoming Justice League vs Suicide Squad # 1 by Joshua Williamson and Jason Fabok. The post Justice League vs Suicide Squad # 1 Preview appeared first on The Fanboy SEO.
by The Fanboy SEO on Dec 19, 2016

5 Places For Easy Clothes Donation Drop Off

Some people don’t want to be a bin that you can put everything in. But, when you consider recycling and donating your clothes, many agencies have their positive responses. They don’t mind if you think that they are a bin to put all your used clot...
by Start Grants on Dec 18, 2016

A Socialist Economy for the 21st Century

First published at the Next System ProjectIn Next System Project Report 3, author and Tellus Institute co-founder Richard A. Rosen explores the changes he deems necessary for a modern definition of “socialism”, and describes key concepts and issu...
by London Green Left on Dec 18, 2016

Chicago Justice - Key Art

BannerThanks to Millie for the heads up.“CHICAGO JUSTICE” — Sunday, March 5 at 9 p.m.Powerhouse creator Dick Wolf delivers a captivating new installment to the hit Chicago franchise. Just like their brethren in the Chicago P.D., the State’s A...
by CHRISTIAN WARRIOR on Dec 16, 2016

George Monbiot Edges Towards Ecosocialism

Wanstead Flats in north east London is a CommonsThe Guardian columnist, George Monbiot, wrote a piece on Wednesday, entitled 'The case for despair is made. Now let’s start to get out of the mess we’re in.' Those familiar with his writing wil...
by London Green Left on Dec 16, 2016

Justice League 4 film collection on DVD

As you all know Monkey has been a rather reluctant reader, especially of ‘home’ books. But we turned a corner a while ago with a series of Lego DC Comics Super Heroes books.  My son isn’t interested in normal super … Continue...
by Over 40 and a Mum to One on Dec 16, 2016

Kumpulan Gambar Animasi Bergerak Batman Vs Superman

Kumpulan Gambar Animasi Bergerak Batman Vs Superman – TEKNOKITA.COM – Setelah mendapat bocoran dari rilisnya sinopsis pendek Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice yang mereka katakan untuk... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my web...
by Tekno Kita on Dec 16, 2016

Brand new clip from Justice League Dark shows Constantine playing a demonic game of poker.

A brand new clip has been released for the animated film Justice League Dark by DC All Access. The clip features John Constantine playing a demonic game of poker. This is one game that is probably safer to watch than play.In Justice League Dark ...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Dec 15, 2016

Batman vs Superman: Versión Extendida 2016 BRRip

Sinopsis: Ante el temor de las acciones que pueda llevar a cabo Superman, el vigilante de Gotham City aparece para poner a raya al superhéroe de Metrópolis, mientras que la opinión pública debate cuál es realmente el héroe que necesitan. El hom...
by on Dec 13, 2016

NBC's Powerless receives a new synopsis that moves the show's company to Wayne Enterprises.

It appears that NBC has been very busy when it comes to their upcoming comedy Powerless. Originally, this show was based on an insurance company dealing with the after effects of superheroes and their actions. The pilot episode was even premiered at...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Dec 13, 2016

Degrowth Is Punk as Fuck

Written by Aaron Vansintjan and Sam Bliss and first published at Common DreamsVery serious people often tell us that the word “degrowth” is too negative. People like happy, positive, nice things. Sure, the economy is systemati...
by London Green Left on Dec 11, 2016

BOOK PREVIEW [coming May 2017] Sovereignty Conflicts and International Law and Politics: A Distributive Justice Issue. Chapter One: General Structure

Sovereignty Conflicts and International Law and PoliticsA Distributive Justice IssueBy Jorge E. NúñezPreviously:About the BookBOOK PREVIEW: Chapter One: Introduction.Chapter OneGeneral structureTo evaluate the potential for using principles of...
by Jorge's Blog on Dec 9, 2016

The Justice League (Aquaman Vol. 8 #12)

  I wonder how fast Flash can be when he’s underwater. And why is Cyborg wearing an oxygen mask when he already had his lungs removed (Throne of Atlantis story arc) in order… Continue reading →...
by Comicnewbies on Dec 8, 2016

Super Power Beat Down - Wolverine vs Wonder Woman.

The newest episode of Super Power Beat Down from Bat in the Sun has been released and this time it puts Marvel's Wolverine up against DC's Wonder Woman. The fight itself is okay. It definitely gets brutal as it goes on. The acting by both Wolverine a...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Dec 8, 2016

NBC Reveals 2017 Midseason Schedule

by CHRISTIAN WARRIOR on Dec 8, 2016

Damian Wayne Turns 13

Damian Wayne is a douche, no doubt about it. But what makes his character intriguing is once in a while, when you least expect it, he shows a very vulnerable side that makes… Continue reading →...
by Comicnewbies on Dec 8, 2016

How to Get Free Wireless Phones For Low Income

Dealing with the financially disadvantaged issue makes the states have to bring this idea up where they can provide free cell phone across the country especially in this tough economic condition. Obviously, with the government assistance you can get...
by Start Grants on Dec 6, 2016

Honest Trailers - Suicide Squad.

Screen Junkies released their newest Honest Trailer and man were they honest. Focusing on the recent DC film Suicide Squad, this Honest Trailer completely rips apart the film and in some cases lets the film rip itself apart."Gear up with the movie we...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Dec 6, 2016

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