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End of 2011: Cassandra Paiva

Cassandra Paiva's End of the Year list...
by PopWreckoning on Dec 21, 2011

Kanrocksas: Day One in Review (Part One)

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I had my doubts about Kanrocksas when I received the email regarding the press conference to announce the festival’s lineup. “A festival held at Kansas Speedway,” I thought to myself ...
by PopWreckoning on Aug 7, 2011

Kanrocksas Preview: UME

The first step to enjoying UME is educating yourself the proper way to pronounce their name. That would be as follows: ooo-may.
by PopWreckoning on Jul 31, 2011

Kanrocksas Announces Festival Set Times

Kanrocksas Music Festival recently released the official set times for the bands preforming at the event to be held at the Kansas Speedway on August 5th and 6th. Below are the times of each band, arranged chronologically by the start of each bandR...
by PopWreckoning on Jul 23, 2011

Kanrocksas Goes Local: Area Bands and DJs Compete for Spot at Festival

Kanrocksas Music Festival is reaching out to local musicians and giving them the chance of a lifetime with Wild Bill’s Local Music Showcase, a music competition giving local bands and deejays the chance to compete for the opportunity to perform at...
by PopWreckoning on Jun 30, 2011

Ellie Goulding Announces North American Tour

British songstress Ellie Goulding has announced a headlining North American tour in support of her debut solo album Lights that will begin July 23 in Atlanta.
by PopWreckoning on Jun 6, 2011

Kanrocksas Announces Remaining Lineup and Single Day Tickets

Kanrocksas has announced the remaining acts and the start of single-day tickets sales for the two-day music festival August 5 and 6. The festival has confirmed a total of 24 acts, which include national bands, DJ's and live electronic acts, with head...
by PopWreckoning on May 27, 2011

Kanrocksas reveals lineup

New Kansas City camping music festival Kanrocksas has revealed the details of its lineup and location. The festival will feature headliners Muse and Eminem at the Kansas Speedway.
by PopWreckoning on Apr 25, 2011

New Kansas music fest Kanrocksas coming August 5-6

Most people know that Lollapalooza is happening August 5-7 in Chicago, Ill., but this year it will have a little competition. Those looking to travel a little less, deal with less extreme-sized crowds and perhaps save a bit on ticket costs might want...
by PopWreckoning on Apr 20, 2011

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