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Islamic Prayer for Kidney Stone Quranic Verse Cure

The post Islamic Prayer for Kidney Stone Quranic Verse Cure appeared first on بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Bismillah hirRahman nirRaheem With The Name of ALLAH, The Beneficent and The Merciful SallALLAHU ‘Ala Mu’hammad Sa...
by yallaah on May 9, 2016

FDA Adds Ketoacidosis Warnings To Diabetes Drugs Invokana, Farxiga, And Jardiance As Well As Other SGLT2 Inhibitors

This Follows October 2015 Safety Alert By Health Canada Concerning Increased Risks Of Kidney Problems (Posted by Tom Lamb at In December 2015 the FDA issued a Drug Safety Communication concerning the risk of ketoacidosis, a serio...
by Drug Injury Watch on Dec 8, 2015

Tekturna Should Not Be Used In Combination With Certain Other Blood Pressure Drugs Due To Side Effects Hyperkalemia And Kidney Problems, Says Health Canada

In Addition, Such Combined Use In Patients With Kidney Disease Or Diabetes Increases Risks Of Having A Stroke As Well As Fainting And Falling (Posted by Tom Lamb at In February 2014 Health Canada issued new safety information abo...
by Drug Injury Watch on Mar 25, 2014


“Bismillah Hirrahmaan Nirraheem” “Sallallaahu Alayhe Wa Alehi Wasallam” A Special Request I request you to please pray for my Marhoom Nanajan “Fateh Muhammad” Saheb, May Allah Azzawajal forgive all his sins, fill h...
by yallaah on Sep 20, 2013

Canadians view financial incentives for deceased kidney donation to be acceptable,

Many Support Financial Incentives To Encourage Organ Donation,according to a study appearing in an upcoming issue of the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN). Nearly half of the general public in Canada also find it acceptab...
by Healthmid on Sep 30, 2012

Dubai Skin care – Coconut oil can help maintain healthy skin

Dubai Natural Skin Care Saboo natural handmade soap and body care products are mild, fragrant, healthy and friendly to your skin. We incorporate  only the highest grade vegetable oils including olive, palm, coconut, rice bean, sunflower, sweet almo...
by Dubai Beauty Care on Jul 24, 2012

Coconut oil can help maintain healthy skin

Use as face lotion and body moisturizer to help skin looks younger without dryness and protect the skin from UV light. Itching, rash, acne and dandruff can be cured by applying coconut oil onto skin. It also can be used … Continue reading ͛...
by Dubai Beauty Care on Jul 24, 2012

Hypertension? Just Eat Pomegranate

Pomegranate proved to have property to cope with kidney problems, cholesterol, and high blood pressure. A study revealed that the pomegranate is able to control blood pressure and reduce cholesterol deposits in blood. The study was conducted involvin...
by Drugs Benefits and Facts on Mar 19, 2012

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