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Breastfed Baby Needs More Vitamin D

For you, all breastfeeding mothers, please read this news for your baby’s shake. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is doubling the amount of vitamin D, from 200 IU per day to 400 IU per day, beginning in the first two months of lice. Thi.
by Fresh Parenting on Oct 17, 2008

Boost Your Baby’s Development with Fish and Breast Milk!

Good news for breastfeeding and fish lover mom! A study that was conducted by the researchers from Harvard University said that omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and compounds in breast milk aid infant development. The research, which looked at 25,44...
by Fresh Parenting on Oct 11, 2008


Are you pregnant and worried about the risks of amniocentesis and other available tests for chromosomal disorders such as Down syndrome? There is a good news for you! The safer test may be on the horizon! This new technique, as described in Proceedin...
by Fresh Parenting on Oct 9, 2008

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