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Rules that you should follow when you travel around the world

  Once an American student was convicted of justice in North Korea 15 years of forced labor for crimes against the state, just for stealing a poster of Kim Jong-il of the hotel where he was staying, a counselor specialized tourism issues certain...
by We care about your travel on Apr 24, 2016

A quiet revolution in North Korea

(Media Release) The loud one we know about – it’s been going on since the Soviet Red Army wrested the northern half of the peninsula from Japanese control in 1945. The Kim dynasty has espoused communism and shouted its merits ever since.
by Free PR Online on Jan 15, 2015

North Korea's Fat Bastard Regime Whine Over Comedy Satire in, The Interview

I've been picking on Putin a lot recently but there is a far bigger pansy in the world. What's my beef with him? His old cold war, KGB indoctrinated, Soviet mentality that has led to, among other things, this:From AddictingInfo.orgNow, about North Ko...
by Murdockinations on Dec 18, 2014

Disillusioned by meeting Kim Jong Il

“Until the day I met Kim Jung Il,” North Korean defector Jang Jin-Sung says, “I truly considered him divine, as someone more holy, like a sage – someone to be revered, someone who was better than us, who was sacrificing … Continue readi...
by North Korea Refugees on May 9, 2014

L'artista "POP-litico" con lo pseudonimo Saint Hoax ha ricreato leader politici in versione drag queen. Clicca il link al suo sito per vedere anche Hitler, Osama, Saddam ed altri ...
by Miss Welby on Mar 11, 2014

Kim Jong-Il’s Personal Chef Spills a Bizarre Tale

GQ has an article about Kim Jung-il’s private chef. The chef, going by the alias Kenji Fujimoto, has been out of North Korea for most of the last ten years. Prior to that, he spent eleven years, preparing sushi and … Continue reading →...
by Foolocracy on Jun 4, 2013

North Korea, where the people eat each other

By Stephanie Hegarty Life inside North Korea’s closed borders is hard to imagine. One of the only insights into how ordinary people live, beyond the official line of the regime, comes from those who have escaped. Two defectors, Chanyang Joo and...
by Iran Aware on Apr 25, 2013

Is South Korea Safe to Visit?

Lately, the Korean peninsula has been in the news a lot. With threats of war from North Korean and joint military exercises between South Korea and the Americans, I’ve been asked a few times recently if it’s safe to visit South Korea. And...
by Tripologist on Apr 15, 2013

Watch Lisa Ling’s “Inside North Korea” Documentary (VIDEO)

Watch Lisa Ling’s “Inside North Korea” Documentary (VIDEO)North Korea has been one of the hot topics this week as their war rhetoric has heated up in recent days. I was bored earlier this week and decided to browse YouTube to see wh...
by Prune Juice Media on Apr 5, 2013

Anonymous Hacks North Korean Websites

Anonymous is commonly referred to as a “hacktivist” group that was founded in 2003. They take a strong stance against Internet censorship, homophobia, government corruption, and Scientology. See also TuneUp Utilities 2013: Fix and Speed Up Compu...
by GIZMORATI on Apr 5, 2013

VIDEO: White House News – Barack Obama, North Korea, Kathleen Sebelius, Gerard Butler

Potential Pact On Medicare Changes Could Lead To Budget Deal White House: North Korea isolating itself States Encouraged To Use Medicaid Expansion Money To Buy Private Insurance For Poor Gerard Butler On Filming ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ Thank...
by @JTN_Network on Mar 29, 2013

Mayat Tokoh Pemimpin Dunia Yang Di Awet Untuk Tontonan Rakyat

Beberapa mayat bekas pemimpin dunia yang tak reput setelah di awet dan diletakkan ke dalam keranda kaca untuk dijadikan tontonan umum kepada rakyat sebagai mengenang jasa dan pengorbanan yang pernah dilakukan oleh mereka sewaktu hidupnya..Mao Ze...
by buatbest on Mar 21, 2013

Macabre Tourism: How to Visit a Dead Dictator

On March 5, 2013, Hugo Chavez, the leader of Venezuela, died after a battle with cancer. After his death, it was quickly announced that his body would be embalmed and put on permanent display in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas. While it may seem od...
by Tripologist on Mar 11, 2013

5 Countries That Are Ridiculously Hard for Americans to Visit

If there is one thing that infuriates the traveler in me more than anything, it’s countries that require visas for tourism. There is really no good reason to require a visa from someone wanting to come into your country to travel. However, as a...
by Tripologist on Feb 19, 2013

North Korea's Defiance

Any hopes that the first year of the young North Korean dictator's reign would signal a departure from his father Kim Jong Il's hardline policies have been dashed. The boyish looking (and, indeed, seriously young — probably Any hopes th...

VIDEO: US Condemns North Korea Nuclear Test

Follow @JTN_Network The UN Security Council is set to hold an emergency meeting on Tuesday, to discuss North Korea’s latest nuclear test. Thanks for checking us out. Please take a look at the rest of our videos and articles. To stay in the loop...
by @JTN_Network on Feb 12, 2013

Proof North Korea and South Korea Are Back Together

It's true, folks. North Korea and South Korea have officially buried the hatchet. They've kissed and made up. They've mutually gang-raped and eviscerated the former foundation of their former conflict. I have the proof RIGHT HERE, exclusively, just f...
by Sweet Funky Freedom on Feb 6, 2013

Coreia do Norte: fraca e abusada

A estratégia da dinastia King Jong, que exerce uma implacável ditadura comunista na Coreia do Norte, tem-se mostrado a aparentemente feroz e louca, mas, quando vista de perto, pode-se constatar que ela é fraca e abusada. Francisco Vianna...
by O cão que fuma on Jan 31, 2013

Kim Jong-un aurait décrété la "loi martiale" en Corée du Nord et demandé à son armée de se préparer à la guerre HuffPost  |  Publication: 31/01/2013 06:38 EST  |  Mis à jou...
by Information sur la Politique on Jan 31, 2013

Undercover in the Secret State: North Korea Documentary

I haven’t done a North Korea post in a while. ... It is freakish, bizarre and unbelievably cruel.
by What’s All This, Then? on Jan 6, 2013

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