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Kinect Sports Rivals coming on XboxOne

Always gunning for the closest parking spot? The best seat at the theater? Competitive much? Kinect Sports Rivals arrives on XboxOne starting 4/8. Post by Xbox.
by EGamersCentrum on Mar 18, 2014

Kinect Sports Rivals - Become a Champion (Video)

Watch as Kinect Sports Rivals turns gamers into Champions using cutting-edge Xbox One Kinect technology.Watch as real gamers become Champions in Kinect Sports Rivals. Launching on Apil 8th, only on Xbox One. Learn more at
by EGamersCentrum on Mar 12, 2014

[#KINECTSDK] Vitruvius, amazing library to create KinectSdk apps

Hello! I still accommodating old posts and now it’s time to write some lines about this amazin library to work with KinectSDK: Vitruvius. The reference of the name is great so I won’t go into much detail about this. And if you work with C...
by El Bruno on Mar 5, 2014

[#KINECTSDK] Vitruvius, impresionante library para KinectSdk

Hola! Sigo acomodando posts viejos y hoy le toca a esta excelente library para trabajar con KinectSDK: Vitruvius. La referencia es muy básica así que no entraré en detalles sobre el nombre. Eso sí, si trabajas con Color, Depth o Skeleton Frames e...
by El Bruno on Mar 4, 2014

Google announced Project Tango : a 5-inch Android smartphone prototype equipped with Kinect-like 3D sensors

Google’s just announced Project Tango, a 5-inch Android smartphone prototype equipped with Kinect-like 3D sensors and other components to track motion and map your surroundings. Unlike other 3D-sensing devices including Kinect, Project Tango in...

Google está trabajando en un smartphone con sensores 3D

La gente de departamento de innovación de Google, más conocido como ATAP -Advance Techonology and Projects- se encuentra desarrollando un smartphone que posee sensores 3D y te brindará la posibilidad de interactuar con todo lo que te rodea. Ni sen...
by SoftwareLogia on Feb 21, 2014

Google predstavio projekat Tango

Iako je Google prodao Motorolu Lenovu, to ne znaci da je prodato sve iz Motorole, kao što smo i opisali kada smo pisali tu vest. Ono što Google nije prodao možda vredi mnogo više nego cela Motorola, ali za cifru ćemo sačekati verovatno nekoiko...
by Kako da ? on Feb 21, 2014

[#WEBCAST] Materials for the event: Build apps with #KinectSdk

Hello! today one quick post … the materials of the Kinect event Source Code: (don’t expect much that is based on Kinect Toolkit and the internet in Germany I gave more problems than a jealous girlfriend) [#WEBCAST]...
by El Bruno on Feb 15, 2014

[#WEBCAST] Materiales del evento construyendo aplicaciones con #KinectSdk

Hola! uno rapidito hoy .. los materiales del evento sobre Kinect Source Code: (no esperes mucho que está basado en Kinect Toolkit y la conexión de internet en Alemania me dió mas problemas que una novia celosa)
by El Bruno on Feb 14, 2014

[#EVENT] WebCast: Building applications with #KinectSDK

Hello! My friends from MSDN Latin America reminds me, that next Wednesday afternoon I will host a webcast about development of applications with KinectSDK. Obviously I will take this opportunity to also show something of the new Kinect SDK v2 and the...
by El Bruno on Feb 9, 2014

[#EVENT] WebCast: Construyendo Aplicaciones con #KinectSDK

Hola! apunten amigos de MSDN Latinoamérica, el próximo miércoles por la tarde participaré en un webcast sobre el desarrollo de applicaciones con KinectSDK. Obviamente aprovecharé la oportunidad para mostrar también algo del nuevo Kinect SDK v2...
by El Bruno on Feb 8, 2014

Banda cria primeiro videoclipe estereograma

Os populares estereogramas "Olho Mágico" (Magic Eye) do anos viraram vídeo com a ajuda do Kinetic.Continue lendo »»»...
by Blog Brasil Acadêmico on Feb 6, 2014

[#KINECTSDK] Camp:Introduccion development with Kinect (sold out!)

Hello!!! Thanks to Cristina (my MVP Lead) and to Rafa Ansino, I’ve the cnace to participate and lead a DevCamp with focus in the development with Kinect for Windows SDK. the date for this Camp is March 8, from 09:00 to 14:00. In this session I’ll...
by El Bruno on Jan 29, 2014

[#KINECTSDK] CAMP:Introduccion al desarrollo con Kinect (agotado !!!)

Hola !!! Gracias a Cristina (my MVP Lead) y al grab Rafa Ansino, tengo la suerte de participar en un Camp de desarrollo con Kinect for Windows SDK. Apunta la fecha, el próximo sabao 8 de marzo, de 0900 a 1400, ahi le daremos un repaso a TODO lo que...
by El Bruno on Jan 28, 2014

Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason Announced

Be the first to play Kinect Sports Rivals, in this limited time FREE Preseason experience. Download this Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason Hub to learn about new challenges and rewards and to track your progress along the way.
by EGamersCentrum on Jan 14, 2014

Xbox 360 250GB Console Kinect

Find best price of cutlery set from and read reviews.Xbox 360 250GB Console with Kinect Launched by Microsoft You’ll get very best quality from Xbox 360 250GB Console with Kinect provides many benefits combining...

[#KINECTONE] Rock, paper, scissors with #KinectForWindowsV2

Hello! Christmas is over and also New Year festivities, I also have some party with my renewal as MVP for the 7th time, so I’ll go back and start again with some posts about Kinect for Windows V2. For this post I’ll make a game “Rock Paper...
by El Bruno on Jan 4, 2014

[#KINECTONE] Piedra, papel, tijera con #KinectForWindowsV2

Hola! Después de las fiestas de Navidad y Año nuevo, me pongo al día con renovación como MVP y empezamos con un post de nivel 2 con el nuevo Kinect. En este caso haremos el juego “piedra papel y tijera” con el nuevo Kinect for Windows V2. Not...
by El Bruno on Jan 2, 2014

[#KINECTONE] Kinect for Windows V2 posts #KinectSdk

Hi! Today is Valentino’s Birthday so I’ll write a small recopilation of Kinect for Windows V2 posts Unboxing the new #Kinect for Windows v2 #KinectOne Getting started with the...
by El Bruno on Dec 28, 2013

[#KINECTONE] Kinect for Windows V2 posts #KinectSdk

Hola! Hoy cumple años el Valentino, asi que lo aprovecho para poner un recopilatorio con los posts que he escrito sobre Kinect for Windows V2 (KinectSdk V2) Unboxing the new #Kinect for Windows v2 #KinectOne
by El Bruno on Dec 27, 2013

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