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Kate - Get out of my life feat Lisha

Get out of my life by Kate featuring Lisha is song produced by the Cambodian label Klap Ya Handz Productions. The song although distinctly Khmer, it has some dance and R&B elements fused into it. This song I assume is about a woman's frustrati...
by Asian Rap Worldwide on May 22, 2010

Gang - Watch Yo Neck feat. Mai Kash

Here's a music video from the KlapYaHandz label in Cambodia. The song is called Watch Yo Neck and its by Gang, a Khmer rapper featuring Mai Kash, a French rapper. The instrumental beat was produced Illuminaire producer Xfacta.
by Asian Rap Worldwide on Apr 26, 2009

KlapYaHandz on TRACE TV

TRACE TV did a feature on local hip hop development in Cambodia. Here's a 4 minute segment about KlapYaHandz, which is one of the biggest local hip hop labels in Cambodia. The KlapYaHandz label is well-known for integrating traditional Khmer music i...
by Asian Rap Worldwide on Apr 26, 2009

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