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Japanese Folded Steel Kitchen Knives

Japanese Kiridashi Knives.Gallery of japanese folded steel kitchen knives:The Games of Chance: The sexiest knife in the world.Resolution image size: 1020 x 400 · 44 kB · jpegFolding Kiridashi KnivesResolution image size: 1280 x 960 · 308 kB · jpe...
by Kitchen Interior on Aug 13, 2016

Best American Made Kitchen Knives

SOG Knife with LightThe Hot Springs-based company now boasts more than 100 items in its Smith's line, ranging from electric or hand-held devices designed to sharpen kitchen knives, outdoor knives to purchase $250 billion in American-made products by...
by Kitchen Interior on Aug 10, 2016

Top 10 Kitchen Knives Sets

Cutlery Kitchen Knife SetsSimply bring water to a simmer and add a drizzle of vinegar, which helps bind the white together, then top with a tea strainer. Crack in an egg and let set for 1 minute the brown sugar so you won't need a knife to dig it ou...
by Kitchen Interior on Jul 31, 2016

What Is The Best Set Of Kitchen Knives

Kitchen Chef Knife"So we set up our first a worldwide supplier of knife sharpening products. The Hot Springs-based company now boasts more than 100 items in its Smith's line, ranging from electric or hand-held devices designed to sharpen kitche...
by Kitchen Interior on Jul 31, 2016

Children and Bushcraft

From an early age I have been talking about and showing my girls wild and garden plants and trees.  Now they enjoy looking for new ones and identifying them from books.  My eldest daughter is 6 and on a recent school trip the teacher asked...
by Belfast Bushcraft on Jul 30, 2016

Best Bushcraft Books

Hi all,I have been absent from the blog for a while but have been busy in the woods. Over the last few years myself and my good friend Paul have built up a bushcraft school which is going from strength to strength.One of the most frequent questions a...
by Belfast Bushcraft on Jul 23, 2016

Advertiser Spotlight: Blade HQ

I’ve owned knives since the 1980s. My first one was an official Boy Scout Knife, which I still have and which has seen a fair amount of wear and tear over the years. My second one was a Swiss Army Knife I received as a “best man” gift. I still...
by Survival And Prosperity on Jul 20, 2016

What Is The Best Folding Knife? We Look At 5 Great Options

What is the best folding knife? A good knife is something that a lot of folks like to carry with them at all times. Not only as a possible defensive weapon, but often as a handy tool for various uses. As we mentioned in some of our earlier posts abou...
by Smoking Barrel USA on Apr 18, 2016

We Pick Our Choice For The Best Fixed Blade Knife

What is the best fixed blade knife? Fixed blade knives are not generally most folks’ everyday carry knife, but rather are used by folks for outdoor activities or as a survival tool. A fixed blade knife is better suited to tasks such as skinning...
by Smoking Barrel USA on Mar 24, 2016

Top Rated Kitchen Knives Set

Russell Folding Chef KnifeThey have set down roots in Baltimore and truly focused on his how to properly stuff the shui mai to handling a knife properly in a kitchen. Our reward was eating the multiple dishes prepared. A couple of friends who took t...
by Kitchen Interior on Feb 16, 2016

Shopping: Why Is 3V Gear The Most Trending Thing Now?

Planning for a hike or camp next month? Are you looking for quality outdoor items that are intended for shooting sports, hunting, hiking, camping, adventures, military, police, security, survival and tactical uses? There are a few online stores which...
by The Jesselton Girl on Feb 15, 2016

Looking For The Best Tactical Folding Knife – 5 Options To Consider

What is the best tactical folding knife? A lot of folks want something to protect themselves with, which they can carry with them all the time. However not everyone can or necessarily wants to carry a gun or a fixed blade knife on them, while some pe...
by Smoking Barrel USA on Jan 19, 2016

What Are The Best Kitchen Knives Sets

Kitchen Knife Block SetsLike Christmas songs on the radio, you can’t escape them — they are all around us, like molecules of air, but crispier and with sugar on top set in a cool, dry place. Once the cookie is firm, place it on a cutting board.
by Kitchen Interior on Jan 6, 2016

The Proper Way to Sharpen Knives

Sharpening knives is not a difficult task, but it does require some time and patience.
by Hunter Happenings on Dec 12, 2015

Simple Winter Vehicle Kit

By "Higgy" at It’s starting to get cooler outside and winter is on the way. My friends in New Mexico, Colorado, Montana and Minnesota are already posting pictures of the snow they’re dealing with on Facebook. With al...
by Absolute Readiness on Dec 2, 2015

Quick Tips When Choosing a Knife For Self Defense

This article was contributed by James Petzke, the founder of Knife Den. Buying a knife for self defense is a decision worth taking your time to make. After all, you are buying a knife that just might save your life – or the life of someone you...
by Smoking Barrel USA on Nov 9, 2015

Review: On Sheep, Wolves & Sheepdogs

By "Higgy" at Most of the people I talk to that are familiar with “On Sheep, Wolves & Sheepdogs”, heard it in the movie “American Sniper” (Chris Kyle’s father explains it to his sons at the din...
by Absolute Readiness on Nov 4, 2015

SP Intel Report- October 26, 2015

Welcome to the inaugural post of the “SP Intel Report.” On October 15 I blogged big changes were coming to Survival And Prosperity starting October 19. I wrote: Each day will begin with an “SP Intel Report” (if it’s warranted), where I’ll...
by Survival And Prosperity on Oct 27, 2015

WÜSTHOF Coloured Paring Knives - Review

I like having a selection of kitchen knives to use and these paring knives not only look great they are excellent value too. I've been testing the 3 piece paring set which comes in orange and black.The serrated edge made easy work slicing the orange...
by Kitchen Delights on Sep 27, 2015

What Are The Best Kitchen Knives Sets

Cutlery Knife Block Sets What Are The Best Kitchen Knives Sets - “It’s been hard but I’m determined to make her proud by being the best “The kitchen also provides a safe environment for people to learn and experience the freedom of cookin...
by Kreazura | Modern Kitchen on Aug 29, 2015

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