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Pororo Hangul Writing Tablet

We get so excited when new Hangul toys are available to our customers! Here is our newest product, the Pororo Hangul Writing Tablet. It teaches your child the Korean alphabet, ABCs and has songs for your child to listen to.Here's a clip we found of...
by Little Seouls on Feb 24, 2012

New Korean Alphabet Learning DVD

Magic Pangi HangulNew DVD to teach your kids Korean thru songs, rhythms and rap! Region Code all. 40 minutes running time.Click here to purchase.
by Little Seouls on Sep 10, 2011

Lee Min-ho as ‘Facebook Story’ partner

It's the latest news of mumuy. Actor Lee Min-ho has been chosen as a ‘Facebook Story’ partner for communicating with the most fans in Korea. Lee, who currently has 838,000 fans on Facebook, has been picked along with 30 other world-f...
by on Jul 23, 2010

Korean Word Pronunciation - Detail Version

Last time I had teach you guys on how to read Korean word, but that's the basic part. This time I will teach more on the pronunciation with detail and more advance level so be prepared =) There are generally three types of sound you use when reading...
by Korean Sarangheyo on Jul 18, 2010

Korean Words - How To Read

Continue from the last lesson where we already go through the Introduction of Korean alphabet, now we shall proceed to next  - to read the Korean words!!! Getting excited?? Generally Korean word is combine with this pattern: 1. Korean word alwa...
by Korean Sarangheyo on Jun 30, 2010

Introduction - Korean Alphabet

This is the first step of learning Korean, that is to learn how to read Korean words. So this post I'm going to introduce you all the basic in reading the Korean alphabet. For your information I learn Korean from a TV show "Let's Speak Korean" which...
by Korean Sarangheyo on Jun 29, 2010

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