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Song Kang-ho "Sin Ha-gyoon's "Brain" became popular because of me?"

Actor Song Kang-ho showed his love for Sin Ha-gyoon.Song Kang-ho met with Sekye Dot Com in Seoul on the 8th and said, "I am very happy that Sin Ha-gyoon is doing so well".When he was asked about mentioning the drama "Brain" saying it was fun he laugh...
by Korean Dramas on Feb 10, 2012

[Spoiler] "Operation Proposal" Park Eun-bin attempts at grown up acting for the first time

Park Eun-bin, who used to be a kid actress, took her first step as a grown up actress.In the TV Chosun drama "Operation Proposal" that was aired on the 8th, Park Eun-bin managed to carry out the roles from a middle school student in uniform to a 28-y...
by Korean Dramas on Feb 10, 2012

[Spoiler] "The Sun and The Moon" Lee Min-ho-I asks Kim Yoo-jeong to leave together

Lee Min-ho-I asked Kim Yoo-jeong to leave together.On the fourth episode of MBC drama "The Sun and the Moon" on the 12th, Yang Myeong-gun (Lee Min-ho-I) wanted to leave.Before he left, he stared into Yeon-woo's (Kim Yoo-jeong) face.Yeon-woo asked him...
by Korean Dramas on Jan 13, 2012

[Spoiler] "Fermented Family" Song Il-gook and Park Jin-hee hug

On the episode of JTBC drama "Fermented Family" on the 12th, Lee Kang-san (Park Jin-hee) set out to find her father Lee Ki-chang (Kang Sin-il). She chose to go to Gwang Cheon to find salted shrimp.She heard about her father from a man selling salted...
by Korean Dramas on Jan 13, 2012

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