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Customer Gallery: 1st Birthday Girl Princess Lavender Hanbok

This first birthday Princess Lavender Hanbok (Size 1) is one of my favorite girl hanboks that is available to rent!  Thank you to the Lee family for sharing this photo! Their daughter, Madeline, looks absolutely stunning in the dress and behind...
by Little Seouls on Apr 21, 2016

Korean Hanbok Thank You Cards On Sale! Thank You Cards are currently on sale for 25% off as shown! Several designs in Korean hanbok prints are available! Take advantage of the sale and save for later use! Perfect for thanking guests w...
by Little Seouls on Apr 15, 2016

Fake Korean Rice Cake DIY

For those of you who don't live near Korean bakeries but want to display a Korean rice cake for your party table, you can try a fake DIY one. This faux rice cake can be a perfect addition for your dol table or for a special occasion like your parent'...
by Little Seouls on Oct 12, 2010

Personalized Doljabi Boards

We just added these adorable doljabi boards that you can customize! Perfect for your Korean first birthday party/dol. Remember if you are planning a dol party, check out for inspiration and party tips!
by Little Seouls on Jul 22, 2010

Korean Heartthrob Kwon Sang Woo's Baby is One!

Last month Korean actor, Kwon Sang Woo and Korean actress, Son, Tae Young celebrated their son, Rookie's first birthday. Check out their intimate dol party photos at!
by Little Seouls on Mar 27, 2010

Kim Hee Sun's Baby Turned One

Recently, Kim Hee Sun's baby turned one and they had an elegant dol first birthday party! Since we have been blogging about her since her pregnancy, how can we not include her updated family photo and party pics!
by Little Seouls on Mar 9, 2010

Making Dol Go-Im with Paper Towels

We got a lot of feedback from people saying how they loved the Gamble's post on "How to make Dol Go Im (Dol towers)." Here's another way people make them using paper towels! Credit to creative crafter, Petitemandoo. Thank you Susan for letting us pos...
by Little Seouls on Mar 4, 2010

Grant's 1st Korean Birthday/Dol

Esther from recently contacted us to tell us about her son's first birthday. We wanted to feature her son's dol here since her concept is not your typical dol and she donated all the gifts and proceeds to charity! How great is that...
by Little Seouls on Mar 3, 2010

New Doljabi Raffle Tickets!

What are doljabi raffle tickets? These tickets are given out to party guests at the beginning of a dol (tol) first birthday party. Each ticket has an unique number on it and each guest is handed one ticket. At the sign in table, the host will provide...
by Little Seouls on Jan 12, 2010

Doljabi Items Now Available

What is a Doljabi? This is when the baby is placed at a dol table with various items in front of her/him and is encouraged to pick one of the items up. It is believed whatever he/she picks up will determine his/her future.What do these items mean?P...
by Little Seouls on Jun 2, 2009

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