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Samanco Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich

Binggrae is a popular Korean ice cream manufacturer, it is known around the globe. And one of their most popular products is Samanco Ice Cream Sandwich, I guess because of its unique shape, who wouldn't be fascinated in a fish-shaped ice cream. I hav...
by Lettes Haven on Dec 7, 2016

Finger-Licking Goodness of Korea's Chimaek Culture with Chir Chir

The K-pop fanatics can instantly recognize the latest pop craze of pairing chicken with beer (all thanks to Cheon Song-yi in the popular Korean drama My Love from the Star) & indeed the chicken dishes from Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory (pronou...
by Fashrealm on Aug 20, 2016

Bibimbap (Korean Mixed Rice) from BonChon Chicken

BonChon Chicken Philippines now serves Bibimbap or Korean Mixed Rice, its called BonChon Bibimbowl! Bibimbap is one of my favorite Korean foods simply because it's a complete meal and full of flavor. Bibimbap is served in a bowl o...
by Lettes Haven on Feb 9, 2016

West Side Seoul Tour – Food and Culture

I’ve never been particularly keen on travel tours. To me, it always seemed to involve a coach full of people who hop blearily off at each destination, take a selfie or two and then hop back on to sleep the journey away. Probably while wearing...
by JENIUS on Dec 21, 2015

K-Food Fair 2015, Acara Seru Pecinta K-Culture

Sebagai seorang tante dari satu ponakan, agar ga merasa tua maka saya harus catch up dengan hal-hal yang bersifat kekinian. Nah yang lagi ngehits sekarang kan yang berawalan K, segala yang berkaitan dengan Korean. Saya bukan pecinta K-Culture garis k...
by De Journal on Oct 25, 2015

[MVs] From Stephe’s desk: Great minds… “Free Way” and “Rock Your Body.”

— Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^ Black rooms with twinkly lights. White outfits. Black outfits. Matching dance crews. Two catchy-as-hell songs that are made for dancing to and singing out loud. Perfect! Great minds! :) Free Way. Rain...
by Cloud USA on Jul 8, 2015

Kim’s Korean Restaurant Penang

Good news to Korean Food lover, we are one of them. We really enjoy eating Korean food especially Daore Korean Restaurant, now we got one more choice which is Kim’s Korea Restaurant. The restaurant is nicely decorated to very comfortable, they...

Queensbay Mall Food Court Queens Hall

Queensbays Mall Food Court “Queens Hall” officially open on 20 April 2015. 17,500sq food court at Center Zone cater for approximately 500 guests, offering Penang local delicacy such as Char Koay Teow, Hokkien Mee, Chicken Rice…etc.

Five Romantic Things to do in Jeju Island

Courtesy : Wikimedia commons  What is it about Jeju that so fascinating and make it a favorit destination for couples? I've seen many Korean dramas and they always had many reasons to shoot the scenes in that island. Spring and Summer in Jeju are...
by Exotic Honeymoon on Apr 22, 2015

[MVs] From Stephe’s desk: Great minds… “In My Bed.”

— Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^ Yep, someone was sleeping in their beds, messing with their heads. Someone was taking their place. At least Sisqó got a little bit of a reward for his pain. Poor Rain was just left out in the cold. (W...
by Cloud USA on Apr 10, 2015

How to make Korean honey lemon tea: an herbal remedy

Recently, I’ve been thinking about my first winter in South Korea. It was cold and I was unprepared. The other thing is, when you work with young children, you tend to get sick. They are pretty gross. They don’t wash their hands and they...
by Marie Away on Feb 25, 2015

Korean Style Beef Tartare (Yukhoe) Recipe - Gallery Food And Recipes

Yukhoe is one of the Korean menu that usually be serveat the luch or dinner time. The taste is really delicious. Recipe Yukhoe just need the basic material as a fresh beef . but if you like the chicken,so you can change the basic material with the ch...
by Food And Recipes Gallery on Feb 14, 2015

Korean Food Recipes - How to Make Cukumi Jeongol

Cukim Jeongol is one of the delicious and health food from Korea. The basic materials is Cukimi or squid. The materials are easy to you found out, then the steps also simple. So that, you can make it by yourself. Let’s watch the steps by steps reci...
by Food And Recipes Gallery on Feb 14, 2015

Wonsobyeong - Food And Recipes From Korean

WonsobyeongRecipes and How To Cooking Wonsobyeong - Wonsobyeong, yeah, unique name. Isn’t it? In the other side, Wonsobyeong also have the unique and cute shape. The taste also sweet and delicious. This dish so suitable be  eaten in the s...
by Food And Recipes Gallery on Feb 7, 2015

Penang Time Square Food Gallery

Penang Time Square Food Gallery which are once very famous and deem itself as Penang Biggest Food Court but it does not stay long as people tend to forgot it existence, but not now. The good news is new management took over PTS Food Gallery and chang...

Spotlight on food: Dakgalbi

Korean food is so special. It’s something I had very limited exposure to while growing up in Atlantic Canada.… The post Spotlight on food: Dakgalbi appeared first on Marie Away.
by Marie Away on Jan 12, 2015

Foodie Goodie | Bulgogi.

Just four more days 'til Christmas and here I am trying to figure out what to cook for our traditional Christmas Eve Feast aka Noche Buena. My London-based cousins are coming home for the holidays (this will be their first Christmas in the Phi since...
by The Rebel Sweetheart on Dec 20, 2014

A Day in the Mountains: Chiaksan in South Korea

This is the story of two attempts on Chiaksan, the 1,288-metre tall mountain that resides about an hour’s ride… The post A Day in the Mountains: Chiaksan in South Korea appeared first on Marie Away.
by Marie Away on Dec 10, 2014

A Trip to Jingogae – A Korean Feast

I am often bemoaning the lack of good restaurants around my area. Having lived in Epsom now for seven years, things have changed relatively little and if I want to enjoy a really good night of fine food I will simply hop on the train to London. I hav...
by how to cook good fpod on Dec 5, 2014

5 Weekend Trips in South Korea

It’s now been over a year since I moved away from South Korea, and I still find myself missing… The post 5 Weekend Trips in South Korea appeared first on Marie Away.
by Marie Away on Nov 22, 2014

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