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The Last Princess - Korean Movie Review

Review Filem Korea - The Last PrincessAssalammualaikum..Selalunya asyik buat Review Drama Korea jer kan, kali ni tukar sikit sebab aku nak Review satu Movie Korea best ni yang bertajuk The Last Princess / Princess Deokhye. Movie / Filem ni release pa...
by Miss BaNu StoRy on Dec 15, 2016

Alice : Boy From Wonderland - Korean Movie Review

Alice : Boy From Wonderland - Korean Movie ReviewAssalammualaikum..Hari ni nak buat Review Filem / Movie Korea yang aku dah tonton iaitu Alice: Boy From Wonderland. Ikutkan dah lama juga tonton movie ni, tapi baru sekarang ada masa nak buat reviewnye...
by Miss BaNu StoRy on Jul 31, 2016

My Love My Bride Lakonan Shin Min Ah & Jo Jung Suk (Korean Movie)

Assalammualaikum..Sebenarnya dah lama pun tengok movie ni sebab ianya release tahun 2014, tapi masa tu macam malas plak nak tulis pasal cite ni hehe. Tapi bila tengok poster Korean Movie My Love My Bride ni terus terasa nak tulis sikit pasal movie ni...
by Miss BaNu StoRy on Dec 20, 2015

The Beauty Inside - Korean Movie Review

Assalammualaikum..Hari tu aku ada tonton Filem Korea yang bertajuk The Beauty Inside (2015) yang bergenre romantik komedi yang diinspirasikan dari American Social Film (2012) yang tajuknya juga sama. Filem atau Movie ni mengisahkan tentang seorang le...
by Miss BaNu StoRy on Dec 1, 2015

Perfect Proposal - Korean Movie Review

 Assalammualaikum..Hari tu masa boring2 aku ada ler layan satu Filem Korea yang bertajuk Perfect Proposal secara online. Sebelum ni aku macam ada tengok sedutan cite ni kat Tv, dan nampak macam best jer cite ni dan aku try la tengok online. Tern...
by Miss BaNu StoRy on Nov 7, 2015

6 Korean Movies Yang Baru Aku Tengok

Assalammualaikum..Baru-baru ni aku ada layan Korean Movies/Filem sekejap hehehe. Sebelum ni aku jarang layan Korean Movies ni sebab kebanyakannya agak daring gitu berbanding drama. Tapi disebabkan ada beberapa drama Korea yang aku berhenti tengok seb...
by Miss BaNu StoRy on Aug 7, 2015

C’est Si Bon (Korean Movie) – 2015

Movie: C’est si bon Revised romanization: Sseshibong Hangul: 쎄시봉 Director: Kim Hyun-Seok Writer: Kim Hyun-Seok Release Date: February 5, 2015 Runtime: 122 min. Genre: Drama / Music / Romance / Past & Present / Period-1960 / Period-199...
by on May 15, 2015

Tactial force|2014 |english movie

tactial force 2014 best action thriller movie watch online here Related PostsDragon wolf |watch online12 years a slave|2014 movieThe Recruit |action movie |watch... Welcome the
by Nepkos-Nepali Media on Oct 19, 2014

Speed Scandal 2008 DVDRiP 700MB XViD XYZ

Story Line: A radio DJ/entertainer in his 30s suddenly learns he may be a grandfather, thanks to a young girl who has a baby son and claims to be his daughter.Aka: Scandal Makers, Gwa Sok Seu Kaen DeulGenres: Comedy | Drama | MusicSource: DVDLanguage...

Sunny 2011 Directors Cut BluRay 720p 700MB

Story Line: New high-school transfer student Na-Mi comes from a small town in Jeolla Province to her new school in the capital city of Seoul. When she is nervous, her small town dialect comes out & she starts to shake. On her first day at her new sch...

Movie Review: Miracle in Cell number 7

A couple of months ago, I was flooded by my friends in Facebook having almost the same status.  "NW: Miracle in Cell number 7" then followed by crying emoticons and tons of sobs and huhuhus. I got curious, as in really curious! Then I immed...

Jun Ji Hyun New Movie This 2014

Jun Ji Hyun will have a new Korean movie this 2014, After the success of  "You Who Came From the Stars that marked Jun Ji Hyun's return to the small screen after 14 years The drama lived up to its title as a shooting star in viewer ratings with...

Yoo In Na, Ahn Jae Hyun Latest Movie Wedding Bible 2014

Yoo In Na and Ahn Jae Hyun has been officially cast as a lead in the upcoming Chinese film 'Wedding Bible'. The two actors' Chinese movie appearances are the result of the success of "My Love from the Star"; it is a good opportunity for Korean actor...

Father in Law|korean movie

Most popular korean movie father in law .Watch this movie online here Related posts: Avant Browser | Download software Web Freer| Anti... Welcome the
by Nepkos-Nepali Media on Dec 16, 2013

Wedding Dress

Wedding dress or bridal gown is not always white, in contrast to what is usually considered by most people. Wedding dress and bridal gown before the Victorian era, are usually used to adjust the color on what’s trendy and what … Read more ...
by Style103 on Aug 28, 2013

Yellow Hair

Hair is the jewel of body. Loss of hair is one of the most common problems in women and men today. It is more painful for women because loss of hairs among them can be seen clearly and breakage and … Read more »...
by Style103 on Aug 14, 2013

Korean Drama Series: I Hear Your Voice

This is a quick post, I Hear Your Voice is a 16-episode fantasy romance court-room Korean drama series by Park Hye Ryun, the writer of Dream High. It stars Lee Jong Suk as Park Soo Ha, a high school boy with the supernatural ability to hear...
by Sunshine Kelly on Aug 5, 2013

Rules Of Dating Korean Movie Review (约会守则,恋爱之目的)

today i woke up at 9.10am.actually i was awakened by my mother as she asked me to take care my sister's baby because she needs to go out for some moment.however, i start to fall asleep again after laying down in the living's room sofa while the baby...
by A Growing Teenager Diary on May 7, 2013

Cyrano Agency

Synopsis:In order to build their dream theater, Lee Byeong-hoon (Uhm Tae-woong) together with Min-yeong (Park Shin-hye), Cheol-bin (Park Cheol-min) and Jae-pil (Jeon Ah-min), set up Cyrano Agency. An agency that can make people fall in love with 100%...
by I Told You Not To Stop on May 6, 2013

Punch Lady |korean Movie |watch Online

Welcome the
by Nepkos-Nepali Media on Apr 3, 2013

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