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Samsung Learning That Apple Isn’t

Samsung Has Been Dealt a Mighty Blow It is not news that Samsung and Apple have been engaged in a bitter legal battle around the world. It is also not news that in the U.S., Samsung has lost, and has … Continue reading →...
by Seoul Gyopo Guide on Aug 26, 2012

A Different Kind of IMF 시대. The Good Kind.

Seoul Pledges $15 Billion to the IMF In the late 1980s, South Korea faced sovereign default. The things you read about Greece? Korea was in virtually the same situation. It received enormous international financial assistance, in the form of loans &#...
by Seoul Gyopo Guide on Apr 21, 2012

Japan’s Excruciating, Inevitable Economic Decline and Korea

This Is NOT An Personal Vendetta Against Japan, Nor The Japanese Let’s get this straight. Japan has accomplished the near-impossible. No natural resources, surrounded by no allies to speak of, and thousands of miles away from the largest develo...
by Seoul Gyopo Guide on Apr 16, 2012

Does This Seem Like Two Countries on the Brink? Nope.

S. Korea Suggests Red Cross to Negotiate Family Reunions Today, the mK Daily reported that South Korea has requested that the Red Cross negotiate family reunions with North Korea. So while the rumor-mongers would like to try to convince whoever ̷...
by Seoul Gyopo Guide on Feb 14, 2012

Dear Korean Police: The Chaebol Are Laughing At You, LOUDLY

Charged With Embezzlement? How About A Seat on Our Board of Directors? You have to laugh, or else you will cry. The mK Business Daily reported that SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won has been appointed to the Hynix board of … Continue reading ͛...
by Seoul Gyopo Guide on Feb 13, 2012

Whitney Houston and Korean Misunderstanding of the U.S.

No, This Isn’t A Sob Story From a Fan You can read eulogies and condolences elsewhere. There is zero doubt that Ms Houston was uniquely talented. No lip-syncing, just her belting it out as purely as anyone can remember. It … Continue read...
by Seoul Gyopo Guide on Feb 12, 2012

Korea’s Growing (Aging) Pains: Housing and Real Estate

Note: This is the first in a series of posts that will focus on the challenges that Korea will face as a result of its aging population. Welcome to the First World, Korea This snippet at Yonhap points out one … Continue reading →...
by Seoul Gyopo Guide on Feb 7, 2012

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