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Therefore I Geek Podcast, Episode 73 Pokémon GO, Frank Cho, and Ghostbusters

The gang discusses some geek topics of note this week, beginning with the Pokémon GO phenomenon, which threatens to take over the world.  After that, there is a conversation about Frank Cho’s sudden departure from DC Comics.  Finally, none o...
by Therefore I Geek on Jul 19, 2016

Bridesmaids' ***stars

  anyone who has followed my blog knows that comedic films are not my thing. so kicking and screaming, figuratively, i went with my friends this weekend. i had the best time. perhaps part of it was the company of friends. but mostly it was...
by inside josh's mind on Jun 2, 2011

What Can Be Implied About The Character of the Current Cast of Saturday Night Live Based On The Show’s Opening Credits

This year the opening credits to Saturday Night Live open with Jewish me, Fred Armisen. Quite like me, Fred is seen leafing through a box of vinyl records, presumably in New York City. It is clear that the record store is not very organized because t...
by Smartass Radio on Dec 14, 2010

Moon Minis - Ghost Town

Ghost TownRicky Gervais headlines this overly long comedy about an uncaring man (Pincus) who just needs someone to love - and he gets that chance when his colonoscopy sends him to the dead zone and back to the living world, allowing him to see ghosts...
by The Moon is a Dead World on Aug 21, 2009

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