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SkyRanch Tagaytay: Your Next Food Destination

Thrilling and exciting rides, picturesque beauty of the captivating Taal Lake and Volcano, and colorful and convivial bright lights at night – these are some words that best describe Tagaytay’s most favorite park, SkyRanch Tagaytay. But did you k...

Roopkund Chronicles – Day 5: Summit Day

Day 5: October 2 What had become one of the longest days of my life would also become one of the most memorable days …. considering the way it all kicked off in the wee dark hours of a cold October morning. Today is the day we had been waiting for,...

Broadening Horizons; 1997

1997 held “more of the same” (flowers and wildlife locally). But it turned out to be a big year for me (perhaps one of the biggest and certainly a turning-point in my photographic journey).  I made my first “photography-dedicated&#...

Make a Summer Splash on Mountain Island Lake!

Full house fun at 4312 Tranquility Drive – boat dock, media room, rec room, wine cellar, hot tub and multiple porches will make you want to book this as your permanent staycation. Private master suite with diva worthy closet, waterview and...
by Hip Hoods on Jul 1, 2016

I’m on my way to Peru (& need your help!)

I’m almost on my way to Peru! My 31st country to visit apparently and I cannot wait to make the most of it and explore the country, learn about the culture and try the cuisine of Peru. Today I want… The post I’m on my way to Peru (...
by Food & Photos around the world on Jun 30, 2016

Suatu Pagi di Danau Toba

Siapapun yang pernah cinta monyet ketika SD pasti pernah mendapat pertanyaan, “danau apa yang paling luas di Indonesia?” Tentu saja, semua yang pernah SD dan merasakan bahwa PR adalah masalah terbesar di dunia ini akan menjawab dengan tun...
by on Jun 30, 2016

Lookout Peak Via Killyon Canyon Utah: Peak 5 of 13 of 2016 Goal

One of the challenges of choosing peaks to climb for my 2016 goal is actually finding the right path to the the peak once I'm hiking. Lookout Peak is one of the many summits north-east of the Salt Lake Valley. However, the peak is not visible fr...
by Outdoor Adventure Gals on Jun 29, 2016

Ferald In The Water

 Sometimes, Ferald likes to discover something new and sometimes something new isn't found on land. I would say that this ferret is a pretty good swimmer, and that he enjoys venturing down into deep waters—where there are various creatures...
by Ferald Blog on Jun 29, 2016

Mammoth Lake

Mammoth Lake – You must know the animals mammoth right? extinct animals long extinct. Animals are like an elephant that zoom is an ancient elephant. mammoth fossil was discovered in Mexico.  Mexican archaeologists digging carefully..
by hotel travel on Jun 29, 2016


Canadá es uno de los países más extensos de toda Norteamérica. Hoy escogimos las imágenes de tres asombrosos lagos que se encuentran en este maravilloso país, lleno de variedad de paisajes de montañas, lagos, con flora y fauna de increíble be...
by Imagenes de Paisajes Naturales on Jun 28, 2016

World’s deadliest lake

World’s deadliest lake – Vacationing is the most enjoyable time to spend with family. went to several tourist attractions such as beaches, playgrounds, amusement parks, or lakes. But not all the wonderful place it is..
by hotel travel on Jun 27, 2016

Musicians Die In Kenya On Their Way To A Performance

A Kenya police regional head official, Willy Lugusa says nine musicians have drowned when their boat capsized on the Kenyan side of Lake Victoria. According to him the rest of the 17 people on the boat Saturday morning were rescued. “The bodies of...
by Oh Zina on Jun 26, 2016

14 Things to Do Around Caseville if Your Bored with the Cheeseburger Festival

There is more to do then stuff your belly with cheeseburgers. If you and the kids are tired of the crowds here are 13 destinations to try some alternative fun.
by Thumbwind on Jun 26, 2016

Company's Coming & My New Favorite Tool

There's nothing like having company coming that pushes you to get things done you have been putting off.  I have been a busy little bee this week working through a list a mile long, both inside and out.  One of those things was recovering the deck...
by The Vintage Nest on Jun 25, 2016

Enamorandome de Mi Ex: It’s Complicated (2009) DVDRip

Sinopsis: Jane (Meryl Streep), madre de tres hijos ya mayores, es propietaria de un restaurante-pastelería de Santa Bárbara. A pesar de estar divorciada desde hace años, mantiene una amistosa relación con su ex marido Jake (Alec Baldwin). Sin emb...
by on Jun 25, 2016

A Frosty Fish Eagle Morning

An early morning flight of a Fish Eagle at a frosty Lake Panic in Kruger National Park.
by Wild Eye View on Jun 25, 2016

Famous state park in india

Famous state park in india – The walking path in the park would have been very nice if with family. Moreover, the park is the simplest means of entertainment that can be done to refresh..
by hotel travel on Jun 24, 2016

Underground lake is stunning

Underground lake is stunning – There are so many tourist attractions that presents the natural beauty that is so fascinating. One of them is the lake, on the lake you can see the water is..
by hotel travel on Jun 24, 2016

lake erie and its large waves

lake erie and its large waves – Most if we see or visit the lakes sure the water is calm. But you know that in North America there are lakes such as the ocean, this..
by hotel travel on Jun 23, 2016

famous lake in the US-Canada Border

famous lake in the US-Canada Border – Vacation after a long activity is always activities undertaken by those people who work all day. they take advantage of the time off to relax and refresh their minds. Enjoy..
by hotel travel on Jun 23, 2016

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