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Review: Henry VIII (Hever) – Tony

To celebrate the day of birth of my lady friend, I decided to take her to a castle. I chose Hever Castle – the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. If the childhood home of a woman executed by her husband doesn’t scream: “ROMANCE!”...
by FoodieBoys on Apr 21, 2016

Indian Lambs Liver Soup

I love offal.  Two of my favourite meals of all time are Steak and Kidney Pie and Liver & Onions (Is this the diet of an old man?).  If I'm in a restaurant and there's a dish containing any form of offal at all, I'm all over it.  O...
by Soup Tuesday on Oct 23, 2014

Two Healthy Dinner Recipes

We all love a good dinner, but if you want to stay healthy and avoid weigh gain or if you want to lose some weight, a good dinner needs to be a healthy dinner. Do you all too often find yourself reaching for the phone to get a pizza delivered or head...
by Healthy Choices on Dec 14, 2010

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