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Tick These 5 Things Before Buying An Investment Property

Many landlords in Australia are continuous looking for new properties to invest in order to increase their rental income. Low interest rates along with high income levels have made buying homes pretty easy for the average Australians which makes it a...
by Investment Property Insurance on Jun 16, 2016

Is Your Landlord Home Insurance Underinsured?

Many landlords in Australia are putting themselves at risk by having an underinsured landlord home insurance. A lot of people are still unaware of what things are covered in their insurance policy and what are not which is why many people get shocked...

Landlord Home Insurance Guide For Beginners

Landlord home insurance is one of the most important and most valuable purchases for an investment property owner. With the help of landlord insurance you can save from hundreds to thousands of dollars which could be real life saver in case of any ac...
by Investment Property Insurance on May 26, 2016

How To Get The Best Landlord Insurance Quote

Like any other insurance, property investment owners also purchase landlord insurance to protect their homes or apartment which they rent it out to tenants. If you are a new owner of such property, you will want to get a low insurance rate for your h...
by Investment Property Insurance on May 22, 2016

Why Landlords Should Require Landlord Insurance?

Landlord! Does it seem a heavy word to you with lots of responsibilities and tensions? Then let’s get introduced with an antidote called Landlords Insurance – an important aspect of this insurance policy is, that it can protect you from loss and...
by Investment Property Insurance on May 12, 2016

Why Buy-To-Let Property is a Good Investment

Tweet For many people, buying property with a view to letting it as a landlord is an attractive investment. But it is one that is not to be made lightly: buy-to-let investment is of course a very different proposition to simply buying your own home t...
by BizTechClass on Sep 4, 2014

3 Things To Know Before You Become a Landlord

If you’re thinking of becoming a landlord, then you have a lot to consider. It might seem like an easy way to make money, but in fact, being a landlord is as much of a business as any other. Make sure you understand these three things before you ta...
by Moving to London on Apr 6, 2014

NC Rental Property Insurance – Owner Gives ALLCHOICE Glowing Review

Rental Property Owner Gives ALLCHOICE a glowing review!
by ALLCHOICE Insurance on Oct 14, 2013

Avoid the 5 Costly Sins of Landlord Insurance

You have made the important decision to become a landlord; whether you own a single rentable building or multiple houses, there are now many points that need careful consideration. You will need to consider what type of letting you will offer, furnis...
by Debt Roundup on Apr 30, 2013

Price Comparison Sites Have Revolutionised The Way Shoppers Shop

Save Money Using Price Comparison Sites It’s hard to believe that price comparison sites have been around for the last twenty years in one form or another on the internet. As consumers we have become more knowledgeable and confident with using the...
by Talk Money Blog on Oct 3, 2012

What should I Expect from my Landlord?

What should my Landlord do for me? When you rent a property, there are a number of rules of regulations that both the tenant and the landlord have to adhere too. The law states that there certain things that a landlord should do,thye should also comp...
by 1HitProperty on Aug 27, 2012

Letting Leased Property

Many residential landlords let out property that they hold a lease on, rather than the freehold. In most cases, this will be where the property owned is part of a block of flats, or a house converted into flats – particularly in seaside towns or wh...
by Vegas Valley Homes on May 8, 2012

Compare landlord insurance quotes

  - Compare landlord insurance quotes online Whatever type of property you own, chances are you have a considerable amount of money tied up in that property. This is an investment you need to protect for a whole variety of reasons. What … Cont...
by Your Public Liability on Apr 28, 2012

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