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Denmark terror suspect swore fidelity to ISIS leader on Facebook page

Story highlights Man identified as Denmark shooter swore fidelity to ISIS leader in Facebook posting “We stand together as Danes,” Prime Minister says at candlelight vigil Copenhagen, Denmark… The man suspected of killing two peopl...
by Alternating Current News on Feb 17, 2015

Penembakan di Cafe Krudttønder Denmark, 1 Orang Tewas.. | News – Hai gan.. Kasus penembakan terjadi lagi di Kota Kopenhagen, Denmark tepatnya di sebuah kafe bernama kafe Krudttønder dimana sedang berlangsung perdebatan antar aktivis HAM di eropa yang dihadiri 200an lebih orang. Akib...
by on Feb 14, 2015

DANEMARK. Tirs à Copenhague: La même intention que Charlie Hebdo ou pas ?

Des dizaines de coups de feu ont été tirés samedi après-midi à Copenhague contre un bâtiment qui accueillait un débat sur l’islamisme et la liberté d’expression et auquel participaient Lars Vilk, le dessinateur suédois menacé de...
by Allain Jules on Feb 14, 2015

Four new Prophet Mohammed paintings

BNI Swedish artist, Lars Vilks, whose home was firebombed by Muslims after depicting the Prophet Mohammed as a dog, is presenting a new series of Mohammed paintings at an exhibition in the Muslim immigrant-infested city of Malmo, Sweden. Below is th...
by Iran Aware on Apr 13, 2013

The Emperor is Still Naked

Many recall Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of the emperor, who, conned by a pair of travelling tailors allowed himself to be ‘dressed in robes woven so fine’ that only the intelligent could see them. The robes of course didn’t exist; he wa...
by Global Crisis News on Oct 8, 2010

Swedish Mohammad Cartoonist Lars Vilks Attacked but Undaunted - Video

Lars Vilks, the Swedish artist-cartoonist who depicted Islam's Prophet Mohammad as a dog in a caricature in 2007, was attacked in a classroom in Uppsala, Sweden, Tuesday, while giving a lecture regarding his experiences with censorship.Vilks has been...
by In The Spotlite on May 12, 2010

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