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Top 5 Chef Lasagnas

Lasagna is the type of food that can be simple or sophisticated, highly caloric or light, amazing or awful; it’s all in the way you prepare it. The simplest kinds of food are where chefs like to use their expertise to transform simple ideas in soph...
by My Lasagna Recipe on Aug 9, 2012

Most Exotic Lasagnas

As lasagna is a traditional Italian dish incorporated in about every culture of the world, it is not news to us that we can find numerous different lasagna recipes out there with different ingredients and processes. The Italians have to admit their s...
by My Lasagna Recipe on Aug 2, 2012

Making the Perfect Lasagna

Where you are from, the ingredients you prefer and the time you usually have determines how do you make lasagna. Although lasagna is a classic recipe, the variations that exist from country, families and lifestyles are impossible to list. The answer...
by My Lasagna Recipe on Jul 26, 2012

Low Fat Lasagnas

The reason Italian food is so popular is that it can be simple or sophisticated, it accommodates changes in ingredients and they are always delicious. Lasagne is one of those typical Italian foods that everybody loves. It’s extremely simple to prep...
by My Lasagna Recipe on Jul 25, 2012

New & Innovative Lasagna Ideas

Cooking is not only following recipes and old formulas. Like many crafts and sciences, cooking is always growing and changing;and professional chefs are always exploring new territories and ideas. The secret of innovative cooking is to make interesti...
by My Lasagna Recipe on Jun 25, 2012

Hearty Lasagna Soup Recipe

Serves 4 Ingredients: 1 Lb of Ground Beef (lean preferably) 1-2 tsp of garlic or one fresh garlic clove, minced 1 -2 ounce of Beef Stock Half an onion, diced 1 can (14 ounces) diced tomatoes ¼ tsp Italian Seasoning 1 cup grated Parmesan Cheese 1 Gre...
by My Lasagna Recipe on Mar 7, 2012

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