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Development of Disease- and Pest-Resistant Potatoes

All living organisms are prone to certain diseases, not least of which is the humble potato which, by the way, is the fourth largest crop in the world after wheat, rice and corn! In fact the potato is prone to so many different diseases, and is attac...
by How to Grow Great Potatoes on Feb 20, 2012

Are Your Tomatoes or Potatoes Suffering Disease After Recent Heavy Rainfalls?

Within the last month or two the east coast of Australia has seen unseasonably heavy rainfall and floods.  Such weather is conducive to the development of a common disease on both tomatoes and potatoes known as ‘Late Blight’ caused by the fungal...
by How to Grow Veggies on Jan 26, 2011

Peaceful Forest Homestead 2011 Garden Plans

Raised beds in the back yard under the white stuff!This year's garden is long gone. But it was a good gardening year for us and one of the best we've had in all the years we lived here. Could be I am more experienced now. The worst thing that happene...
by Homesteading On The Internet on Dec 30, 2010


The nasturtiums that I had inter-planted with the tomatoes in an effort to keep pests at bay have completely covered the scars of pulling up those sad tomatoes.
by A Chicken In Every Granny Cart on Sep 15, 2009


While this year I'm a minimalist tomato grower, I'm a maximalist with everything else.
by A Chicken In Every Granny Cart on Aug 20, 2009

Fertile Fridays: A Heavy Look at Farms and Gardening

To my wonderful readers — Sorry I am late with these week’s Fertile Fridays post! I was so busy with deadlines, that I had to set this aside for a day … now, onto the update. I have probably mentioned before that my cousins are far...
by Sarah's Cucina Bella on Aug 9, 2009

Shaker Your Plate

It’s been a long time since I’ve mentioned the Shakers, but they’ve been on my mind lately. Especially on Saturday as I pulled out tomato plants, which had all (but four) succumbed to the blight.  I pulled up Cream Sausage, and Pe...

In The Weeds

The road between New York City and Tupper Lake passes through many states.
by A Chicken In Every Granny Cart on Jul 30, 2009

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