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Unveiling the new Tales From 3L Hell!

Doesn’t it look great? I love how my new website looks! There are a few major differences I want to point out. 1. The new theme. It’s a little cleaner than my old one, not to mention it looks more professional. 2. The new search bar. This...
by Tales From 3L Hell on Feb 10, 2016

Bar prep – prep = Bar

Also known as where I want to go to after classes are finished. This semester, I’m taking a bar prep course through school. It focuses on testing strategies so learning how to read questions, how to break down the rule, how to apply it, and how...
by Tales From 3L Hell on Feb 8, 2016

My February resolution is to keep talking to myself in the car

I decided that every month I’m going to try to better myself in some way. January – I started saying 3-5 things I was grateful for whenever I was feeling incredibly stressed out. It could have been anything; nice weather, slept in late, h...
by Tales From 3L Hell on Jan 31, 2016

Happy birthday to me!

I can’t wait to have a day full of adult responsibilities like getting my watch fixed and meeting with my very first client! Don’t worry, I’m definitely going to take the time to treat myself a little bit. Barrister’s is comi...
by Tales From 3L Hell on Jan 27, 2016

Snow days are proof that God exists and wants us to be happy- Benjamin Franklin (probably)

Last night I got the best email on Earth- a school closing alert. This alert mixed with the depression of watching the Pats lose the Championship game was all the motivation I needed to stay up late (11:30 PM) and drink some beers (4). I know what yo...
by Tales From 3L Hell on Jan 25, 2016

Oh the weather outside is a fucking shitshow

So I’m inside with lots of alcohol, Because there’s no place to go, Imma drink, Imma drink, Imma drink. Be strong. Be drunk. Be hydrated because hangovers are no joke.
by Tales From 3L Hell on Jan 22, 2016

1L year vs. 3L year

Me 1L year: I’ll get up early to do some pilates, shower, go over my notes all before 7 AM, get to my class early so I can get a good seat. I can’t forget to look up what room I’m in! Me this morning: I think I’ll sleep until...
by Tales From 3L Hell on Jan 19, 2016

Tom Brady has all of the answers.

No deflategate jokes, please! My grades come out today. I’m trying to distract myself from the impending doom by doing my nails, getting some housework done, crying, going to the liquor store, crying, and taking a nap. Here’s me right now...
by Tales From 3L Hell on Jan 15, 2016

T-8 days and counting

Until I resume my once-a-week routine of crying myself to sleep. BUT! IT WILL BE MY LAST SEMESTER OF SCHOOL EVER!! Everybody told me that law school, just like college and high school, will fly by. Whenever I heard that, I would roll my eyes and mutt...
by Tales From 3L Hell on Jan 11, 2016

On Mondays, I watch the Bachelor

The Bachelor is the most basic reality dating show for the most basic girls to watch. I use it as an excuse to not be productive. So far, the best/worst quote of the night came from an attorney who asked, “Boxers or legal briefs?” Lawyers...
by Tales From 3L Hell on Jan 4, 2016

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