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Starting the Sprinkler System in the Spring

When spring time comes around, many home owners call their local landscaping company to come out and perform a sprinkler start up. It is possible to do it yourself but be sure to calculate your moves because it isn’t as … Continue reading...
by Home And Garden Press on Jan 18, 2013

Green Money Saving Lawn and Landscape Tips

// A well planned landscape can save you lots of money. A lousy one can cost you lots of money. Whether you hire a landscaper to install your lawn and landscape, or do it yourself, there are some things you should give close attention to aside from t...
by Home And Garden Press on Jun 26, 2010

Gopher Control An Introduction

Pocket Gophers and their natural function // Pocket gophers, or geomys, have a fairly large family line. Usually named for their locality, they represent a very large, and slightly diverse portion of the tunneling rodents in the country. Pocket...
by Home And Garden Press on Jun 13, 2010

Lawn And Landscape Management Notes

// Sometimes a few practical suggestions can go a long way in solving perplexing lawn and landscape maintenance issues. Often folklore, old wives tales, and convenience get in the way of sound lawn and landscape management principles and practice...
by Home And Garden Press on May 5, 2010

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