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President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on the Issues

Below is an overview highlighting where Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney stand on a variety of issues as of May 2012.
by America For Purchase on May 10, 2012

General Motors to shut down Bangalore R&D Centre

It seems like Chrysler and Michelin aren’t the only ones restructuring. American car manufacturer General Motors on Monday said that it will cut 100 research and development positions at its Warren, Michigan, Technical Centre and will close ano...
by Bharath Autos on May 1, 2012

The Stephen Harper cabal…

… is the most two-faced government in the history of this country! Latest case in point… I just received word that there are big job cuts at Veterans Affairs… and not so-called “back office” staff… front line clien...
by Trashy's World on Apr 12, 2012

Nokia closes deal with the union, officially drops the 1,000 employees, and focusing on software

To say it’s been a rough year for Nokia would be a huge understatement. And things are only going to get worse before they get better. Case in point: the company just finalized an agreement to cut up to 1,000 jobs (which was announced last year...
by 2dayBlog on Mar 26, 2012

Milton-Freewater Schools Loaned To Cool Down Their Schools

When the air conditioning complement during Ferndale Elementary School in Milton-Freewater gave out in Spring 2011, students outlayed the superfluous propagandize year as well as partial of the subsequent in breathless classrooms. In this misfortune...
by Home Improvement Blog on Mar 9, 2012

Belarusians Suspected of Having Links with Mafia in Venezuela

Venezuelan media accused the Belarusian construction company Belzarubezhstroy (BZS) of having links with the Mafia. The construction plan for Maracay and Caracas in 2011 was only 4% implemented by the Belarusian side. Journalists argue the company wa...
by Mafia Today on Feb 14, 2012

The Byte: Yahoo Starts Afresh, Nokia Layoffs, Chrome for Android 4.0

More than half of Yahoo’s board will be new. Nokia will lay off 4,000 workers and move production facilities to Asia before the end of 2012. Google’s Chrome browser will come to Android 4.0 devices. View full post on PCWorld Lat...
by on Feb 9, 2012

Local And State Government Jobs Being Axed Nationwide

State and local governments employ roughly one in seven U.S. workers, and state and local government spending makes up roughly 11 percent of GDP piece from January 19, 2012 (source: Goldman Sachs economist Alec Phillips) A lot of people us...
by Survival And Prosperity on Feb 1, 2012

A Crisis Situation Doesn’t Always Mean (News) Coverage, Pt I

Every day there are myriad stories in the news about companies dealing with a crisis situation; many more never make a news broadcast. Missed earnings, resignations, down cycles, layoffs, funding issues (especially for startups) offshoring, and board...
by Communications 3.0 on Mar 14, 2011

Job Loss Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

While the reasons that job loss can endanger your health vary and there's controversy about the causes, the facts are indisputable. You need to take better care of yourself and work hard to stay in good shape when you are under stress, regardless of...
by A Penny's Worth on Dec 6, 2010

Surging U.S. Unemployment Rate Puts Pressure on Obama

By Bob Willis | The jump in the U.S. unemployment rate to the highest level in a quarter century last month suggests the recession is deeper than the Obama administration forecasts and additional measures may be needed to restart g...
by News Donkey on Mar 8, 2009

Bloody Monday Jan. 26, 2009 70,000 Layoffs

Is your business ready for 70,000 new prospects? I’m sure you want to find a way to get in front of all of these people that were laid off today, Bloody Monday Jan. 26, 2009. Where do you think most of these people will flock too? I’m sur...
by My Internet Business on Jan 27, 2009

Definition of Insanity

Definition of Insanity – Repeating the same behavior and expecting different results.    That is now the definition of the American auto makers.    Having faced (and received) government bailouts in the 1970’s, one would think that they would...
by Aspen Luxury Motors on Nov 4, 2008

HP laying off 27,000 workers in restructuring

PALO ALTO, Calif: Hewlett-Packard says it's laying off 27,000 workers, 8 percent of its work force, as it restructures the business.
by CNews on Jan 1, 1970

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