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Without a strategy articulated, perhaps it’s time to start crowdsourcing one

Leadership is all about setting strategy. As a first step, it might be a good idea to ask people in the org what they think the strategy is. You might learn something.
by Manager by Design on Mar 11, 2013

Do your leaders know and articulate the organization’s strategy? Read on for a deconstruction of leadership.

This article is a deconstruction of leadership: What happens to leadership when there is no leadership being performed? <a href="
by Manager by Design on Feb 25, 2013

Management Design: How to include your managers in the strategy development process and develop leaders at the same time

Developing leaders is important to many organizations. Here is an approach to take that aligns leadership development to the work of management and leadership.
by Manager by Design on Feb 4, 2013

Tips for how your managers can better understand your strategy

Managers should know the organization’s strategy well. Here are some tips for designing this outcome in to the management job.
by Manager by Design on Jan 21, 2013

Do your managers know the strategy of your organization?

Does your manager know your organization’s strategy? Does your organization have a strategy? Let’s look at these combinations and the consequences.
by Manager by Design on Sep 24, 2012

How do managers learn strategy?

Here are some ideas for how managers can better understand leadership and strategy, and build capability in this area.
by Manager by Design on Aug 27, 2012

Management Design: Structure and Feedback in a focused area of leadership

When providing leadership opportunities, provide structure and feedback along the way. This increases the quality and transferability of leadership capability.
by Manager by Design on Jul 30, 2012

Management Design: An alternative path to management and leadership: Loop in and out

To develop both good leaders and good managers, there needs to be a conscious effort to hone these skill sets, not conflate them.
by Manager by Design on Jul 2, 2012

Management Design: The Designs we have now: The paths to management and leadership

There is a conscious path to leadership: Use Management Design to build the skills as a manager first.
by Manager by Design on Jun 25, 2012

Current management design: The one with the ideas becomes the manager

Those who come up with the ideas are leaders. Then they’re put in charge of a team to make the ideas happen, so now they’re managers. Is this good design?
by Manager by Design on Jun 18, 2012

Management Design: The Designs we have now: Part time strategist, part time manager

Ever wonder why some managers seem bad at all aspects of their management job? It’s because of bad design. Here’s an illustration.
by Manager by Design on Jun 11, 2012

Management Design: The designs we have now – Manager knows and supports only one possible strategy

Is your management team, by design, resistant to change? Here’s a management and leadership model that shows why managers won’t be bought in to a new strategy.
by Manager by Design on Jun 4, 2012

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