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The Husbands of River Song

I’m so sorry. This is my husband, Ramone.  Another one? Are you going to kill him, too? River and The Doctor Spoilers! SUMMARY: River! I love River. I was so happy to see her back. The Doctor finds himself on a planet and recruited as a surgeo...
by Searching the Scriptures on Jul 29, 2016

Hell Bent

Welcome home, sir. As commander of the armed forces of Gallifrey, I bring you the greetings of the High Council. The General Spoilers! SUMMARY The Doctor has finally come home, the long way around—billions of years around. This is the first episode...
by Searching the Scriptures on Jul 27, 2016

Heaven Sent

It’s following me. Wherever I go, it’s tracking me. Slowly though. Scary lurching. Scary. The Doctor. Spoilers! SUMMARY The Doctor has lost his best friend and has been transported through space. He now finds himself trapped in an old rus...
by Searching the Scriptures on Jul 25, 2016

Face the Raven

That’s just it. I didn’t get a tattoo. And it’s, it’s counting down. Rigsy Spoilers! SUMMARY Risgy (from flatline) calls up the Tardis with an emergency. He has a tattoo on the back of his neck and he doesn’t know how he got...
by Searching the Scriptures on Jul 22, 2016

Sleep No More

The Morpheus machine concentrates the whole nocturnal experience into one five minute burst. Now, you can go a whole month without sleep. Spoilers! SUMMARY: The Doctor and Clara bump into a rescue team on the Le Verrier space station. The station’s...
by Searching the Scriptures on Jul 18, 2016

They Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion

Operation Double is a covert operation, outside of normal UNIT structures, to resettle and rehouse an alien race in secrecy on planet Earth. Osgood Spoilers! SUMMARY: In the 50th Anniversary Special, we saw the Zygons invading the earth. The Doctor (...
by Searching the Scriptures on Jul 15, 2016

The Girl Who Died/The Woman Who Lived

I am a Viking. Ashildr, daughter of Einarr. Spoilers! SUMMARY: The Doctor and Clara are captured by Vikings who are not impressed with the Doctor’s advanced alien technology (they broke the sonic glasses!). The Doctor attempts to get them out of it...
by Searching the Scriptures on Jul 11, 2016

Bad Wolf/Parting of Ways

If the Bad Wolf is in charge of this quiz, then maybe I’m not here by mistake. Someone’s been planning this. Rose Bad Wolf, Season 1 Episode 12 SUMMARY The Doctor, Jack, and Rose get hijacked after visiting Kyoto, Japan and wind up on rea...
by Searching the Scriptures on May 27, 2015

Boom Town

And I was having such a good day. The Doctor SUMMARY The Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack travel to modern-day Cardiff to top up and visit with Mickey. However they get more than they expect. A Slitheen still roams the earth and she’s making trouble.
by Searching the Scriptures on May 20, 2015

The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances

Are you my mummy? Jamie The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, Season 1 Episode 9 and 10 DISCLAIMER: Spoilers! SUMMARY The Doctor and Rose chase a mauve capsule to the center of London in the 1940’s at the height of the Blitz. They discover an empty ch...
by Searching the Scriptures on May 6, 2015

Lesson’s From The Doctor: Father’s Day

So I was thinking, could we, could we go and see my dad when he was still alive? Rose Father’s Day, Season 1 Episode 8 SUMMARY Rose asks the Doctor to take her into the past to see her Dad, Pete Tyler. He takes her to her parent’s wedding and wat...
by Searching the Scriptures on Apr 1, 2015

The Long Game

The archive of Satellite Five. One second of that message could’ve changed the world. The Doctor The Long Game, Season 1 Episode 7 Disclaimer: Spoilers! SUMMARY The Long Game picks up where Dalek left off. If you remember, at the end of Dalek A...
by Searching the Scriptures on Mar 11, 2015


The metal’s just battle armour. The real Dalek creature’s inside. What does it look like? A nightmare. It’s a mutation. The Dalek race was genetically engineered. Every single emotion was removed except hate. The Doctor and Henry va...
by Searching the Scriptures on Mar 4, 2015

Aliens in London/World War Three

I think you will find the Prime Minister is an alien in disguise. The Doctor Aliens of London, Season 1 Episode 4 Disclaimer: Spoilers! SUMMARY The Doctor brings Rose home to check in with her mum. It’s always a little weird when you come back home...
by Searching the Scriptures on Feb 25, 2015

The Unquiet Dead

This is precisely the sort of cheap mummery I strive to unmask. Séances? Nothing but luminous tambourines and a squeeze box concealed between the knees. This girl knows nothing. Charles Dickens The Unquiet Dead, Season 1 Episode 3 Disclaimer: Spoile...
by Searching the Scriptures on Feb 18, 2015

The End of The World

This is the day the Sun expands. Welcome to the end of the world. The Doctor The End of the World, Season 1 Episode 2 Disclaimer: Spoilers! SUMMARY This episode picks up right after Rose. I mean, immediately after she walks through the TARDIS doors.
by Searching the Scriptures on Feb 11, 2015


I’m the Doctor, by the way. What’s your name? Rose. Nice to meet you, Rose. Run for your life! The Doctor and Rose Last week we completed Season 8 and we probably won’t get Season 9 until this fall. So I thought we’d go all the way back to th...
by Searching the Scriptures on Feb 4, 2015


Suppose that there are creatures that live to hide. The Doctor Listen, Season 8 Episode 4 The Doctor posits a theory, what if no one is ever alone? What if there was a creature that evolved to be perfect at hiding? and bring Clara along for the ride.
by Searching the Scriptures on Jan 28, 2015

Robot of Sherwood

“old fashioned heroes only exist in old fashioned books, Clara.” The Doctor Robot of Sherwood, Season 8 Episode 3 SUMMARY Clara wants to meet Robin Hood but the Doctor doesn’t believe he exists. He takes her back in time to Sherwood forest a...
by Searching the Scriptures on Jan 21, 2015

Into the Dalek

“Don’t be lasagne.” The Doctor Into the Dalek, Season 8 Episode 2 SUMMARY Clara meets the somewhat awkward ex-soldier Maths teacher, Danny Pink, before getting swept away, literally, by the Doctor to places unknown. Which ends up being a hospit...
by Searching the Scriptures on Jan 14, 2015

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